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  1. Started second season but just one transfer window. Not different closing date for loans so maybe this issue is just in the first transfer window (Aug 18)
  2. I think the whole colour scheme makes everything difficult to see not just loan players
  3. I raised this issue in FM18 so disappointing if it hasn’t been resolved
  4. No but I’m about to end first season so will share if it happens ahead of next season
  5. August 18. Transfer window closed but loan window was open for another few weeks according to the transfer windows page for the sky bet championship
  6. Yeah that’s it. Transfer window closed but loan window still open. I’m at start of first season and managed to loan players earlier in window. Can this be sorted please?
  7. Can’t be a limit thing as only have 3 players on loan and other teams in championship have more
  8. Player available for loan. Loan window open. Click on Make offer but no loan option - just transfer or enquiry. I have loaned players before in this window. Am I missing something?
  9. On the same subject of manager jobs, I never get alerted to any managers at top clubs being sacked and their jobs being available to apply for. Only when the club appoints a new manager do I find out there was a vacancy (I know I can search for jobs but would have thought my news feed would alert me).
  10. I have managed Wolves since start of game. Promoted, won PL, league cups, champions league and world club champ. I’ve been given a gala dinner in my honour as ‘one of the game’s superstars’. Now in dec 2023 and I’ve never been offered another job! Does this feature exist in the mobile game or is it a fault?
  11. Thanks for the update. It looks to have fixed it for me!
  12. Game now completely unplayable. Can’t sign anyone due to issues highlighted in this thread. I must have agreed transfers for 8 players but the move gets stuck and they go nowhere. Transfers worked ok until I got to season 6
  13. I’m having similar issues. Make offers for players then get outbid but no option to tender new bid. Also bid for players but transfer never resolved. For example, bid 38m for Fiete Arp. Other bids made but into the next season and he hasn’t moved anywhere. My bid still shows on players info! Getting really annoying now. Can anything be done about this please? On version 9.1 using iPhone
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