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  1. As if I got Chelsea in the final of the Fa cup AND the final of the champions league 😲 This picture was taken before I played the champions league final so only says treble
  2. So I've only just signed up to this forum as I wanted somewhere to, I suppose document how I am getting on with playing about with tactics. I have started my first save as Manchester United as it's who I support so why not. I will be making a separate save at some point with a lower league team. . The first transfer window I bought: De Ligt, Bazoer, Ajer, Embolo, Tierney, Cutrone. I also bought R. Sanchez but loaned him back to Swansea for a season so will be having him come in shortly. De Ligt & Cutrone have been the best performers out of the above so far. Sold: Smalling,Fellaini,Carrick I beat Arsenal to winning the league by 3 points, won the League cup, Fa cup & beat Bayern 6 - 0 on the way to winning the Champions league by beating Chelsea in the final with a goal in extra time from Tierney. Top season really but still got some unexpected batterings and I'm going to start trying a few different tactics. At the start of the season I had a pretty bad run, then found a tactic on Fmscout : 5-2-3 formation Completely turned my season around. Will post some screen shots up soon. I will be noting here what I do game to game and transfer thoughts and how my players have developed. Cheers!
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