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  1. Just finished the first season and all I got to say is that this team just broke me. At the start of April we were in around 3rd - 4th places with a chance to still finish 2nd or even 1st. Sadly it wasn't meant to be because we drew 5 games in April. We were dominating these games in terms of shots and possession but Bamford, Nketiah and Roberts all couldn't score to save their lives. Bamford especially deserves a mention as his goal drought lasted some 11 hours. So at the end of the season we were in 4th and on to the playoffs where we faced Wigan and got smashed 4-0 out of nowhere in away leg. The home leg we managed to win 2-0 despite being down one man in the 60th minute. All in all, I feel crushed.
  2. How to change the wage format from annual to weekly? It used to be in preferences but now I can't find it
  3. Am I the only one who thinks that Thuram looks average in FM? The technical and mental stats look average
  4. Hello, I wanted to ask if Match Preview and Match Tactics training sessions differ in terms of training tactical familiarity because both of them improve it, but Match Tactics also improves Decisions and Teamwork, therefore does it improve tactical familiarity less than Match Preview?
  5. In the summer transfer window I successfully managed to get the work permit for Lautaro Matinez on appeal , but then decided to cancel the transfer, because I needed a centre-back more. Now in the January transfer window I'm not able to get the work permit for the player. How do the conditions change, or does something change with the player? Because my thinking was, that if the same player managed to get the work permit in the summer, he should be able to get it in January as well.
  6. Hello, I'm managing Everton in the 1st season, and I'm looking for a central midfielder to cover Schneiderlin, Davies, and Gueye. For up to 10 mil. Was able to find Douglas, in Brazil, but in this FM it's impossible to get someone from outside the EU cause of the work permits.
  7. Hello, I've noticed that many youtubers have some extra stuff undearneath their tactis panel which are not present in my tactics screen. How to make them show up in mine too ?
  8. I was wondering if concentration and decisions are important for Defensive Center Backs, because the game doesn't show them to be important attributes for the role, but to my mind they are, or somewhat should be.
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