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  1. When a player improves and get regular first team football he often demands a better contract, fair enough. But after agreeing a new contract the players are coming back within a few months and demanding another new deal. Sometimes the same player will demand and sign two or three new contracts in one season. Any way to fix this one?
  2. After every major tournament pretty much every manager of each major nation (plus Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Norn) is sacked, unless they win it . In FM18 the international managers held onto their positions far too long so it needed changing, but seems to have gone too far the other way. Im in 2024 and England are now on their 4th manager in 6 years! As are most of the other nations. When the FA appointed Sean Dyche and his disc beard I suspected there may be a bug....
  3. I’ve just started euro24 and after selecting my preliminary 30 man squad a few weeks before hand, I was never asked to reduce it down to the standard 23. All the other squads seem to be 30 strong too. Is this a bug or a reflection of future plans by FIFA/UEFA to increase squad size?
  4. I also have all English, Spanish, German, Italian leagues running and have come across unlikely managerial appointments, but in the English league. Almost every vanarama and league managerial appointment is an obscure Italian, sometimes a Spaniard or German as well. I suspect this bug may be as a result of all the leagues running. As it stands 16 of the 24 Vanarama managers are now foreign, 16 of the L2 and 13 of the L1. It would seem Brexit has failed as our non league managerial jobs are snatched up by those pesky foreigners, leaving good honest hard working British managers on the rock and roll for years to come.
  5. Despite managing an English team in the EFL, at the start of each new season all the players who have come through the academy are German. I’m Colchester United and had the choice of 6 German teenagers to promote at the start of my third season, and a choice of 3 German teens to promote at the start of my second season.
  6. Only just worked out what that actually meant. im using the enhanced match engine.
  7. It’s FMM18 version 9.2. Commentary only match setting.
  8. If you sub a player and make tactical changes before going back to the match the substitute doesn’t happen, but is still shown as having occurred on the tactics screen. The player who has been brought on doesn’t appear in the match but no longer exists on the bench either. To get around it you have to sub a players and change tactics separately, return to the game between both. Its an an annoying little bug, would be good if it could get fixed.
  9. International squads are limited to just 23 players for qualifying matches and friendlies. In reality the squads can be far larger. With inevitable injuries it causes problems. Would be good if this was fixed and increased to 28 or so. Thanks!
  10. Never been offered a job outside of applying. Don’t think you can get poached in this version of FM. Would be a good improvement if this was fixed. Thanks
  11. 4-2-3-1 formation, control style of play. Nothing particularly outrageous. Same in both example below. These are the last two matches played. Results in matches between AI seem generally too high as well.
  12. Unrealistic high scoring matches are really prevalent now. The vast majority of shots on target go in. Maybe a bug with goalkeepers not making saves? The last match I played is below and that isn’t particularly unusual.
  13. Definitely an issue. Gareth Southgate has been England manager for over 20 years despite failing to qualify for most competitions and overseeing England slip to 97th in the world ranking. When England did qualify for the Euros as hosts he lost 3 out of 4 games, going out in the first knock out round, still kept his job. Then failed to qualify for the following World Cup, still in a job. Must have some compromising photos of Greg Clarke....
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