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  1. @knapis it possible that you can update this one to newest patch? FM 21.4 ME WARRIOR 42 AF CHELSEA P99 ALL CUPS
  2. @knap Ok, will try it out with Barcelona Would you recommend to use the PREACHIN BLUES 451 P103 FAfor difficult away games in CL fx?
  3. And what would that be? The Holy Ghost fire 4-3-1-2 in you google docs? Or someone else? I just can't seem to find it, that is no link on it.
  4. Hey @knap What tactic is in your opinion the best? Im playing Barcelona. Cheers
  5. Hi What tactic is good to use away as an underdog team? Im getting smashed everytime I meet the big clubs in Premier League. Cheers
  6. I get that. But im confuses of what tac you mean then. There seems not to be any with the Norwich or Cwikue.
  7. Hmm, I still can't get any result when searching on Cwieku or Norwich. Other than a
  8. What is the tactic called? I have tried to search for Cwieku and Norwich.
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