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  1. Hi What tactic is good to use away as an underdog team? Im getting smashed everytime I meet the big clubs in Premier League. Cheers
  2. I get that. But im confuses of what tac you mean then. There seems not to be any with the Norwich or Cwikue.
  3. Hmm, I still can't get any result when searching on Cwieku or Norwich. Other than a
  4. What is the tactic called? I have tried to search for Cwieku and Norwich.
  5. Do you use Man Marking? If yes, what player position do you choose to the job?
  6. I can't find out to search in the google sheets programme - Im an idiot at computers, I know I will try to make a SUS tactic based on your 4-4-2. If I would try the Man Marking, what player in the 4-4-2 should I choose to the job?
  7. Cheers mate. I play with the 4-4-2 Beowulff. What player do I select for Man Marking job?
  8. Im sorry for being a burden. But I have viewed all your tactics, but I find it hard to find someone named SUS? What SUS tactic is the best?
  9. Cheers. I will look into it. How do I SUS with the Beowulff 4-4-2?
  10. Liverpool seems to be impossible to beat at some point. It is kind of frustrating. What do you mean by MM? And how do use SUS?
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