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  1. My game is lagging in games suddently. Please fix it.
  2. "Using a MEZ BWM RGA midfield either a 352 or 451 the best version is a 4123." But you said that the best version is a 4123?
  3. Im have same issues in lagging matches. Please help me. DxDiag.txt
  4. What is SUS? You take the middle forward out?
  5. What to do when you recieve a red card? Who would you take out?
  6. Hey Knap Just to be sure. What version of the argus 3-4-3 is the best?
  7. Hi mate. Just to be sure with the team talk. Expected to Draw/Narrow Win + Previous good Game : Usually don't say anything or Pick Up where Left off for top performers in previous game. Does that mean, that I dont have to tick any of the options, or does it mean to tick on the "I got nothing specific to say, you all know what to do out there" ? Hope you know what I mean, with my poor english Cheers.
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