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  1. so i got sacked and immediately after i got this in my inbox, bug?
  2. im starting a save with hyde who are in level 7 at the moment, they dont have a u23/ reserve team in the game. is there any benefit in me giving them one at this level, or should i just wait for the game to give me one in the future, i plan on this to be a long term save so not sure what to do
  3. After all that i lost smh *looks like nobody was there to enjoy it either, ha!
  4. There is a level 10 database on steam that you can use
  5. how did he get a 7.1 rating after playing only 2 minutes and done nothing? is it a bug?
  6. i holidayed until feb 2024 from the start of a save and man city have won the league every year and a currently top by 15 points in 2024
  7. i holidayed until feb 2024 and man city have won it every year since the save started and are currently 15 points ahead of second place in feb 2024
  8. its nearly 6:30 in the morning where i live... dont get home from work for another 10 hours i have my brother at the ready to download and install it for me so its ready when i get home
  9. You do have to feel sorry for miles. Hopefully someone can give us peace of mind so i stop checking every 5 seconds! looks like it will be tomorrow anywho
  10. Dont you have anything better to do with your life then wait for an update of a game. You can actually play the game without it. Dan doesnt have to do this at all and if i was him i wouldnt bother at all with people like you around. Or you can go ahead and make your own update? Somehow i dont think you have the capacity to do so.
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