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  1. it was on the old school Sony PSP!! i forget which iteration it was, but it was back when Bojan (remember him?!) was still in Barcelona. decided to manage Sydney FC in the A-League...signed Bojan on a free as his contract was expiring! also brought in the New Zealand central midfielder Chris James as my playmaker as a free agent. also signed young australian players on free transfers as their contracts wore down over the years. won the A-League every season also had a regen with 20 jumping and 20 heading! the match engine on the PSP was text only, so the match highlights would constantly be..."Cross comes in...Header by <regen>...Goal!" for EVERY cross. that regen literally scored at least one goal every match i had signed so many australians and my team were so dominant and the players performed so well that it got to a point where the Australian national team was EXACTLY my first team lineup except Bojan and Chris James...international weeks left me with a squad of just 13 players to name on matchdays! ended the save when i sold Chris James to Liverpool for $45M which left me with a combined $1.3M spent on incoming transfers and $80M received in outgoing transfers after 5 years! so many bargains from signing players running down their contracts in that save!
  2. i've had a player on First Team status complain after 4 consecutive matches of being just a sub at the start of the season. what made that situation frustrating was that he'd just recovered from a pre-season injury and hadn't gotten up to match fitness yet when the season started so i'd been using him as a sub and giving him 10-15 min if the situation allowed to try to get his fitness up
  3. previously tutoring had two options...tutor on the field, and tutor off the field. mechanically it worked as attributes only, and attributes plus PPM. i'm also not entirely keen on needing to move to first team in FM19. maybe instead it could have been tutor on field (require moving to first team to train, gain attributes plus PPM), and tutor off field (can stay in youth squad and just gain mental attributes)
  4. i watch every game (even friendlies) in full rather than highlights, albeit at 1.1x speed whatever team i manage, if they have a rival , i never transfer a player from the rival no matter how good they are or how available they are my first steps at any club are to try and hire former players from the club as staff as much as possible, use all substitutions before the 75min mark so every sub has at least a good 15min to make an impact always sub off anyone who gets even a minor injury (although will try and wait until halftime if possible) 100% rotation every second game during congested 2-game weeks, that way the same lineup plays together every time always look for cheap youngsters with great potential instead of huge fees for experienced players despite my real life frustration at Arsene Wenger doing exactly that 🤣 spend little or nothing and just use developing youngsters if i already have them only manage clubs if in real life they are under-performing and i believe i can rationalise their manager being replaced...so...Arsenal every year 🤣 ...except this year...Emery wouldn't be fired after just getting hired
  5. i really like the suggestion that there be more feedback and consequences for your responses! right now, i can say anything and there's no real lasting consequences. player might be happy/unhappy but just for a couple of days and then nothing. board never seems to get involved. fans never have an impact. and a journalist may hate me but s/he never writes a spiteful article that affects my job or gives me an option to ban them from attending further media events at my club really want to see your answers come back and affect you (for better or worse) further down the season ...also want to see journalist stop demanding i give a proper answer when i say "No comment" twice to the same question. those are the only instances where i storm out and internally take the name of that journalist and never again answer their questions
  6. while although this thread is still very new, i've seen other forums ask about feedback on (or asking how to use) training, and so far the majority answer is "just leave it for the Assistant Manager". i think it's really disappointing that this seems to be the overriding sentiment regarding this new training setup, because it implies that this training setup (meant to be more representative of true real-life training regimes, and to give players greater and more refined control on how their team develops) is a failure it's sad that everyone seems so intimidated by its complexity that no one seems to want to figure out how best to utilise it. and i say that being one of those very people who is intimidated by it! i also say that not meaning to call out anyone who takes the view of leaving training to the assistant since that is very much a valid way of dealing with training. i just find it sad that so far, on this forum and others, most people don't seem to want to make use of this new feature at all, which (in my mind) implies it's a redundant feature if so many don't use it but! i'm very excited at the prospect of being able to refine how my team is training to focus on very specific playstyles or weaknesses. and while it may take a lot of trial and even more error, i really look forward to figuring out how best to setup my weekly training schedules, and i hope that eventually more of the community manage to work out how to use this new setup rather than just let the AI assistant do it (and by this i don't mean copy a formulaic one-size-fits-all guide that someone posts, because that turns the game into preset solutions rather than an organic management experience) to answer the original question directly, i like how specific the training is - no more generic "attacking" training i like how you can assign training groups (i think a very old iteration, championship manager? or fifa manager? used to have training groups) - can now make sure my defenders have more defensive focus than my attackers i like the inclusion of community or team building sessions - really makes the players feel more human i like that there's more match specific tactics preview and review - really makes match preparation and post-analysis feel real
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