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  1. Hi everyone I'm currently managing Everton on a relatively new save (1st season, 2 matches into the Prem and currently beating Hajduk Split 2-0 on agg from the 1st leg of my Europa League playoff) and I'm already coming across a massive hierarchy/dynamics problem within my squad. I sold Aaron Lennon to free up some cash but more importantly get his wages off the books. I have recently signed Chris Smalling and he hasn't come cheap wage-wise but brings some quality to my stagnating defence (although Michael Keane is amazing!) and I just didn't see the point of keeping a player I'm not going to play on that kind of wage. I'm also really trying to get rid of Ashley Williams although no one wants him so it looks like I'm stuck with his wages for 2 years as well. Anyway, the majority of my squad including Rooney, Barkley & Bolasie got very annoyed that I had sold Lennon as he was considered a leader at the club. I thought this was fair enough and realised I had to have a constructive chat with my players as to why I'd sold him. Or so I thought. Rooney basically had no interest whatsoever in my side of the story and was adamant that losing Lennon would confine us to relegation (he was almost being that dramatic) and now I have a bit of a problem on my hands with some of my players personally opposing me (Rooney, Bolasie, Niasse, Holgate & Tarashaj). Although the majority of them, and thankfully this included Barkley, understood and accepted (eventually) that my reason for selling him (wages and developing Calvert-Lewin & Vlasic) was just. I need some advice on if any of you have experience the same problem (as I'm sure the majority of you have) and how you dealt with it? Did you drop the players in question who opposed you to assert yourself? Did you end up apologising with your tail between your legs? I'd love to know because I'm currently getting battered by Chelsea and after an unbeaten start to the season I feel this may unravel now. Also completely off topic, but why are Chelsea so damn unbeatable in this game? I've actually never beaten them in FM, ever. Thanks for the advice in advance!
  2. Hi everyone I've just uploaded a video to my YouTube channel experimenting with how Coutinho does at Barcelona since his transfer to the club a couple of days ago. It's seriously an interesting one, considering just how much of a superstar he really turned into but there were some absolutely laughable transfers Barca signed beside him and also what Liverpool achieved after selling him I won't spoil anything but it's funny how things turn out sometimes in football! Check it out if you're into this sort of thing; really appreciate the support. Let me know if you enjoyed it and also if you've done the same thing as I did; will be interesting to see what other results people get from this one transfer which truly could shake the football world! Maybe post some videos and screenshots below in the thread? Cheers everyone!
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