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  1. Hi everyone I'm currently managing Everton on a relatively new save (1st season, 2 matches into the Prem and currently beating Hajduk Split 2-0 on agg from the 1st leg of my Europa League playoff) and I'm already coming across a massive hierarchy/dynamics problem within my squad. I sold Aaron Lennon to free up some cash but more importantly get his wages off the books. I have recently signed Chris Smalling and he hasn't come cheap wage-wise but brings some quality to my stagnating defence (although Michael Keane is amazing!) and I just didn't see the point of keeping a player I'm not
  2. Hi everyone I've just uploaded a video to my YouTube channel experimenting with how Coutinho does at Barcelona since his transfer to the club a couple of days ago. It's seriously an interesting one, considering just how much of a superstar he really turned into but there were some absolutely laughable transfers Barca signed beside him and also what Liverpool achieved after selling him I won't spoil anything but it's funny how things turn out sometimes in football! Check it out if you're into this sort of thing; really appreciate the support. Let me know if you enjoyed it and also if
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