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  1. Have you tried setting all players who aren't in the wall for a freekick to man marking and same for corners except leave a player up field and two marking both posts? I setup like this on every version and don't concede many at all
  2. Second this. It would be fantastic to get it all working on the latest update @majesticeternity please as it just adds more depth and dimension to the game. Be nice as well if you could select exactly what youth tournaments you want in your game.
  3. I had a quick look in my logs folder for FM20 and found this txt which shows all the faults with the competitions. I'm not that savvy when it comes to using the editor to fix and test the competitions but it would be great if someone with more knowledge would take a look and update them for the latest patch or if someone can tell me what I need to do as these are a great idea to have. comp errors.txt
  4. You have set thewrong dates for the ICC. It should be played in July and you have it set for June which doesn't allow the players to go on end of season break
  5. Hi, love your packs just a quick question by making managers more powerful as such how has this affected manager moves, we aren't going to see Alan Pardew managing Barcelona and big Sam in charge of Brazil are we? haha.
  6. Hi I'm currently gettin blank screens on the development centre screens any suggestions please?
  7. Tried listing it in the bugs section? I remember it done it sometimes on the last edition of the game as well..
  8. Just add in some goalkeeping training modules as they will help improve attack and defence as well
  9. That's how mine is setup as well. Do I have to copy this text into a specific place as I can't find the part where it tells me to on the guide further up in this thread? This.. <widget class="background" file="backgrounds" id="bgnd" image_alignment="centre_x,centre_y" scale_picture="true" keep_aspect_ratio="true"> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="bgnd" /> <integer id="set_property" value="file" /> </record> </widget>
  10. What are the speeds like for it running the largest database and all leagues? Are you able to add all the mods like kits, faces etc..?
  11. Hi, how did you get them to work please as I can't get them to show up?
  12. Saw this on Twitter the other day, excellent analysis on Peps way of playing, might help give you guys some more ideas? Really enjoying reading through the thread as well, giving me a lot of ideas and answers https://www.footyanalytics.net/post/manchester-city-playing-philosophy-game-model-positional-play
  13. It's a pack from another website that covers up a lot of those awful generated faces. He's not real I googled him to check in case one of the data folks sneaked a To Maderia in by accident hahaha
  14. I know terrible tackling skills. I've actually had to use the editor to dumb him down considerably as I can't have that in my game. Just a tad unrealistic a 26 year old never played a game in his life rocks up with skills to Messi to shame. Not having it haha
  15. Just sack him, he's not worth the hassle of upsetting the entire team in the hope of making a few quid
  16. This guy just popped up in my news feed after Ajax made a bid. Played for some lower league German team. Never seen a created player like it in all my years of playing the game
  17. I haven't had it either I started with a custom start date and the current results and tables up to the date I selected. Began my season in November 2018 on my save I'm now in February 2020 and still not had it. I'm not that fussed as nothings changed for me in that aspect but it's strange why it's not happened yet.
  18. I use praise or demand more after a goal depending on the situation and demand more and show some passion when drawing or not doing well enough. I find the others leave players confused. How you can be confused when using encourage after going a goal down I don't know.
  19. Can this be moved to the skinning forum? Wasn't thinking when I posted it... long day...
  20. Hi, is it possible to change the colours of the compariosn digram as I find it hard to see the differnces between players as the colours it uses are very similar?
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