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  1. I haven't had it either I started with a custom start date and the current results and tables up to the date I selected. Began my season in November 2018 on my save I'm now in February 2020 and still not had it. I'm not that fussed as nothings changed for me in that aspect but it's strange why it's not happened yet.
  2. I use praise or demand more after a goal depending on the situation and demand more and show some passion when drawing or not doing well enough. I find the others leave players confused. How you can be confused when using encourage after going a goal down I don't know.
  3. Can this be moved to the skinning forum? Wasn't thinking when I posted it... long day...
  4. Hi, is it possible to change the colours of the compariosn digram as I find it hard to see the differnces between players as the colours it uses are very similar?
  5. Gateshead v Southampton.pkm Here you go, thanks for the response
  6. Anyone know how to fix this as it's so difficult to see the ball when the match is in play??
  7. As the title says, it's only been in the FA Cup games but the ball goes blue for some reason all y league games it's normal
  8. Not all of them will turn out to be great though much like real life. Ravel Morrison being a prime example
  9. Haha. Such an impatient bunch us FM players... Take your time dude. Oh it's the first time in years I had a play around with the editor and found myself quite immersed. Might have to find some data to do.
  10. Yeah that's a problem also no Torres I don't even know how to search duplicates. I get all the Japanese players up but can't see duplicates What am I not doing right?
  11. I have converted Foss' Japanese players data to fm19 with his permission I will share it
  12. If you go to FM Scout website there is a Japanese leagues and players editor file just released. Not sure how good it is as I've not had the chance to download it yet.
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