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  1. Can we have an option to save the players we use for set pieces instead of having to select them every time for each tactic slot as it's a bit of a pain when someone like myself will change to different tactics throughout the season, often 6 or 7 times.
  2. Great thread. I was thinking of increasing the league reputation with the editor so the league can attract a few more bigger names, what would you recommend?
  3. Jonathan Calleri, complete player and tanks them in for my Swansea side. He's a snip as well. Moved from Boca to Velez for £2.8m and I got him for £5.25m second season
  4. Thanks Knap. Good tactic so far. Using it with Swansea
  5. Hi, Where can I find the Dam Busters tactic mentioned in this thread please?
  6. Just wanted to bump this thread as hoping one of the SI staff could help me with this problem as didn't have it until that last update
  7. as the title says. I've saved them to the correct folder but when I go to import it shows an empty folder. I never had this problem before can anyone help me please??
  8. Hi Neil, I've actually already done that after reading WPMK post about it and it's worked. Any reason why it caused that?
  9. I've just done what you suggested and it seems to be working. Thanks
  10. Sorry FrazT you can probably understand me and others frustration at not being able to play our games due to yet another patch causing huge issues for people.
  11. Can someone from SI get back to me please and tell me how to fix this as it all worked perfectly fine till this patch came and ruined my game
  12. Has anyone solved this problem yet? I've reinstalled, deleted my cache, veriyfied it's contents changed graphics from GPU to the other and still to know avail. Any news on this Neil Brock?
  13. Sorry for delay, I've uploaded it to the save game folder on the FTP it's called Newcastle (backup) It crashes on the team selection screen before a match when I try to click away from that screen
  14. Saves okay now but instead I'm getting this message crash dumps\fm2015v15.3.0.610347 dmp
  15. as the title says really. I try to save my game or create a new save and it tells me game cannot be saved