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  1. SI would get sued over it thet said and would lose licenses for leagues. Players irl would also have their images affected and more suing
  2. cruyff14

    Cenk Tosun

    He's a beast when played as a complete forward.
  3. Ah thats good to hear. Thanks for the response
  4. As the title says basically. Here's the end of season stats of all free kicks scored and it seems very low.
  5. cruyff14

    Better pitch textures?

    Ive put the folder in it's correct destination. But I had look in the steam folder and found the ptch folder empty and wonder if this is a problem.
  6. cruyff14

    Better pitch textures?

    Hi, I've followed the instructions but the only pitch that ever shows is this one in the screenshot. I looked in the data files in the steam folder and the pitch folder is completely empty could this be the problem? I verified the integrity files and deleted the cache but that folder remains empty still. Anyone able to help me please?
  7. There must be a bug with free kicks as this total for the season is awfully low.
  8. cruyff14

    How many CPU cores can be used?

    I use a Intel I7 6700k 4.0GHZ and runnig 45 leagues from 32 nations and that's pretty rapid so I think yours in more than enough and a little excesive. But if you can afford it why not as I'd do the same if could afford it haha
  9. cruyff14

    FM18: Everton FC - The People's Club

    Hi, just got to the winter tranfer window and need to buy a new striker as I use 3 up top any recomendations? I've been scouting around but nobody seems to look right for me so far Also I have the chance of taking Jack Wilshere for peanuts, think he's worth a gamble??
  10. cruyff14

    Player names not showing on 3D

    Hi mate, same problem is it the ads file in the graphics folder I need to remove or is there another in the steam folder I have to remove please?
  11. cruyff14

    League Start Date

    Hi, I'd like to know if this is possible as well as I'd like to make a league that would start in November so I can then start a save begining then
  12. Cool, looking forward to starting my career save as soon as this is released. Game doesn't feel right without Japan.
  13. Hi Foss, how's the database coming along?
  14. I've got a 15 year old newgen in my Reading youth team with a full beard and looks about 40!!