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  1. League Start Date

    Hi, I'd like to know if this is possible as well as I'd like to make a league that would start in November so I can then start a save begining then
  2. Cool, looking forward to starting my career save as soon as this is released. Game doesn't feel right without Japan.
  3. Hi Foss, how's the database coming along?
  4. I've got a 15 year old newgen in my Reading youth team with a full beard and looks about 40!!
  5. I removed the promotions and relegations file and the game loaded so could be a bug there
  6. Every time I try to create a new save I get this and I'm not using any other editor files. Any idea why?
  7. Caused my new game to crash? Not sure why got same message as one of the other posters
  8. Any chance you could post a list of all the wonderkids and players you've added to the game please?
  9. I'm currently running 27. I got a new desktop last month so I'm experimenting with how many on a I7-6700k cpu with a 1070GTX GPU and have to say so far it's all at 5 star and cruising so will attempt to add a few more.
  10. Has anyone noticed that all the goaline refs have white hair in every game you play? Obviously not a big issue just an observation and wondered are they supposed to be like this or am I the only person experiencing this?
  11. Are bids coming in for the players or the player himself rejecting a move. If you look in real life it's hard for English clubs to get players off their books as players wages are insane in England and unless it's clubs like Barca/Madrid or Chinese league players won't leave as the other clubs can't match the high wage demands and players won't take pay cuts. Instead clubs have to loan them hoping they'll move that way.
  12. Can't play matches in 3D

    Sorry for the late reply been ill. I sorted the problem for some reason the 3d box was unticked so fixed now (Stupid me) But why does the game give such poor star ratings as it;s the same for my processor (I 6700K) and says I can run only two leagues at full speed which is clearly wrong as I'm running far more than this at lightning speed?
  13. I'm being told I only have one and a half stars for 3D capabilities but I have a Nvidia GTX 1070 graphics card installed so I find this to be stupid. How can I solve this please?
  14. Ah got it thanks for that