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  1. Not all of them will turn out to be great though much like real life. Ravel Morrison being a prime example
  2. Haha. Such an impatient bunch us FM players... Take your time dude. Oh it's the first time in years I had a play around with the editor and found myself quite immersed. Might have to find some data to do.
  3. Yeah that's a problem also no Torres I don't even know how to search duplicates. I get all the Japanese players up but can't see duplicates What am I not doing right?
  4. I have converted Foss' Japanese players data to fm19 with his permission I will share it
  5. If you go to FM Scout website there is a Japanese leagues and players editor file just released. Not sure how good it is as I've not had the chance to download it yet.
  6. Cheers, figured it out in the end last night.
  7. Hi, how did you convert the players database to an XML? Every time I export it from the editor it creates a .DBC file?
  8. How's the update going? Looking forward to starting a save with Japan. Game never feels right with this update missing
  9. Griezmann to United, Dybala to Munich, Lewendowski to Barcelona and Dembele to PSG all in one window. All clubs flying in their respective competitions and all players playing weekly and doing well for their sides. Just wouldn't happen in that window. A summer window perhaps as they all went off in a chain move almost very unrealistic. So tell me when that's happened??
  10. Yes you may get one or two who force their way out or aren't playing enough so leave but on FM I've seen players transfers go through that just wouldn't happen irl in the middle of a season
  11. I hate this and clubs selling their biggest stars in the January window, how often does that happen irl I purchase the editor to prevent this by extending deals to block moves or reapppoint the manager if I feel it's harsh. I don't consider it cheating more correcting
  12. Might try similar on my I7 6700K but only have the major leagues on full detail. I usally remove lower leagues in smaller nations and run full detail on the top 5 or 6 leagues
  13. Yeah but which thread as I couldn't find an appropriate one earlier so I posted here