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  1. Have you tried setting all players who aren't in the wall for a freekick to man marking and same for corners except leave a player up field and two marking both posts? I setup like this on every version and don't concede many at all
  2. Second this. It would be fantastic to get it all working on the latest update @majesticeternity please as it just adds more depth and dimension to the game. Be nice as well if you could select exactly what youth tournaments you want in your game.
  3. I had a quick look in my logs folder for FM20 and found this txt which shows all the faults with the competitions. I'm not that savvy when it comes to using the editor to fix and test the competitions but it would be great if someone with more knowledge would take a look and update them for the latest patch or if someone can tell me what I need to do as these are a great idea to have. comp errors.txt
  4. You have set thewrong dates for the ICC. It should be played in July and you have it set for June which doesn't allow the players to go on end of season break
  5. Hi, love your packs just a quick question by making managers more powerful as such how has this affected manager moves, we aren't going to see Alan Pardew managing Barcelona and big Sam in charge of Brazil are we? haha.
  6. Hi I'm currently gettin blank screens on the development centre screens any suggestions please?
  7. Problem solved started in full screen changed to windowed mode and now works fine
  8. Sorry quick update I can get the game to start in full screen but not windowed which is a pain as that's how I like to play it
  9. When i click to start I get the little game logo shows on the task bar when I click it nothing shows. I've unistalled it, verified it, removed graphics packs, all the usuals. Game was working fine an hour ago, I put my pc to sleep turned it back on and that's when this started up DxDiag.txt
  10. Tried listing it in the bugs section? I remember it done it sometimes on the last edition of the game as well..
  11. Just add in some goalkeeping training modules as they will help improve attack and defence as well
  12. Sorry late reply. I've had a play around and I believe it's an editor file causing the issue which one I'm unsure but it all seems to be working now after deleting the files. I will have a further play around and see which it is for my own curiosty. Just strange as it wasn't a problem before. Perhaps the last update caused an issue with an old file maybe?
  13. An update I've since reinstalled fresh and as soon as I load up I get this stool kit message and it crashes. Any ideas what is making this happen as I'm all out of ideas to try now
  14. I was trying to install facepacks and logos which I've done before easily enough. I have since deleted all folders and steam completely from my pc and will try to reinstall fresh and see if the problem arises again. I initially thought it was skin related but tried to install just facepacks and logos and the same messages came up
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