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  1. Full game has been released and still no Colin Stewart as Rangers goalkeeping coach.
  2. Full game has been released and still no Colin Stewart as Rangers goalkeeping coach.
  3. Point 1 - My apoligies i thought yous played Hearts in the 1-0 loss on the first game when it was the second, Point 2 +3- 100% Agree with that however i still don't think they could go out and sign Nelson Semedo from barcelona irl like what happened on my save as i mentioned in another message.
  4. Fair enough however even with the mcginn money i don't think hibs have a higher budget than rangers but thats just my opintion and don't know the real statistics.
  5. Hibs should not have a higher transfer or wage budget than Rangers. And if celtic have 5 mil then rangers should have at least 5mil considering they spent more than them in the summer and signed more players than them. also celtic signed nelson semedo on my save and that is very unrealistic as when is a player playing for barcelona going to sign for celtic. Also Dundee should not have a higher budget than Aberdeen andd Hearts.
  6. Why are celtic so overpowered this year only lost 1 league game the whole season when they lost the first game of the season irl. For them to spend 17 million and only to have 5 mil as a budget and only bring in 2 million im pretty sure 5 + 2 isnt 17.
  7. None, simple if a players as good then surely he should have the appropriate attributes and why does it matter if he'll take trippiers spot in the england squad? Imo he needs an upgrade but if your scared that he'll take trippiers spot in the england squad then its unlikely yous will upgrade him.
  8. Kyle Bradley (Rangers) is currently away on loan to Clyde Football Club.
  9. Yh Steve is the physio however there is also another physio, the guy is abit older maybe in his 50's alongside him. Also Rangers are missing Jordan Milsom as a Head of performance but i assume thats just like a fitness coach ? and Colin Stewart Goalkeeping Coach as i've mentioned previously. The other physio is the man on the right in the photo below . Apoliges for not being able to see the mans face.
  10. Partick Thistle Manager Gary Caldwell and Brian Kerr as his assistant have not been added neither have Dundee manager Neil Mcann and his assistant are still there when he has been replaced by Jim Mcintyre with his assistant stiill to be announced.
  11. Fair enough i thought he was still here. And also im sure Rangers have a new phsyio to replace him and this hasn't been added either.
  12. Also Alex Macqueen is the physio at Rangers when he is the physio at st Mirren on tha game it he is a free agent and he was signed by the them on my save
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