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  1. I was also having an issue when I was loading a save it wouldn’t even load quarter of a way and would just stop and I would then have to close the game and try again it sometimes didn’t fully load till after 3-4 times
  2. yeah but i have paid for norton so i obviously don't want to lose my money and it keeps my device secure if it pops up again i will consider uninstalling it, but i've had it for a while since Christmas and its not popped up till now so i doubt it will be norton
  3. i would prefer not to uninstall the anti virus program and i think its stopped now as it's not popped up in about 3 days so fingers crossed
  4. sorry i have took so long to reply. Belarc Advisor Computer Profile.html
  5. tried it and the error popped up within 10 mins of reloading the game
  6. ive done this before as told and did noting but will try it again
  7. It has now been 2 weeks and this problem still hasn't been resolved a week would be fine but 2 weeks is just to long
  8. Deleted folders didn’t do t after first run following deleting pages then just got it again there
  9. Exact same messages and I will do not available to use the game currently but when I am I’ll get back in touch
  10. I deleted all skins, faces and logos yesterday it didn't appear then i started the game this morning and it has appeared
  11. Should I remove the skins etc from the game and see if it appears ?
  12. Yes I have skins logos and facepacks and I have also uninstalked the game
  13. https://gyazo.com/eb470fc63ea3e7f74dd9d947dc76a7de - followed your steps once again
  14. Yes I go there and it doesn’t tell me how much space is being used
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