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  1. I can suggest you something new - Football Manager Creators (Youtubers, bloggers, and the others) Community - if you are a youtuber you can post there, they will approve it and you can read what the other youtubers posted.
  2. I like Your tactics Nikson. On this forum, You and Knap are one of my favorites. I tried this one with Burnley and this tactic gave me very good results against the stronger teams. Interesting thing is that I didn`t win every match against some smaller clubs, but I won against stronger opponents.
  3. I used Red Star Belgrade It worked very well
  4. I combined this one for home/away matches with the one other tactic here from forum and it gave me very good results
  5. He is my idol, and it would make me mad if this tactic doesn`t work. Those were the times when MUFC was the best in the world Can I use it with some smaller clubs, not just MUFC?
  6. Those results on ss are on version 18.2.1?
  7. Very nicely written, You just learned me a lot about gengpressing and football in overall. I`ll try this tactic and tell you how it works, or does it
  8. There was no problem with adapting my players to this tactic, it really gave me awesome results. For now I`m happy with it
  9. Knap are you real football manager? This one is great
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