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  1. This is very similar to what I currently use, but I'm rubbish at the game so no point me contributing. Apart from to say I too call this 4-3-3 as to me it's obvious - but the game (FM20, at least) calls this 4141.
  2. Brilliant advice! Thank you! All makes perfect sense. I'll try to incorporate all these. Do you also tend to keep the formation the same whoever you play, but have multiple tactics to use with this formation, depending on the opposition?
  3. I'm playing FM Touch 20 if it helps, but I just wanted to know how you guys set up against possession based teams? I try to dominate possession myself in my current save at Stoke in the Championship, but occasionally I have come up against sides who do it better than me, and I can barely get the ball. I'm tempted to have a 2nd system of counter attacking and abandon the passing style against them, but I would very much like to hear the thoughts of this fab community where I have been a member longer than most haha. Cheers everyone.
  4. I do think that setting routines could be simpler, ie to mirror L and R, without the need to manually adjust every single position.
  5. I really should know this by now after years of playing the game, but the game never seems to remember my set piece routines. Do you have to set individual routines for defending direct free kicks both left and right, then same again for attacking L and R, then same again for defending Free Kicks (small chance of shot) L & R etc etc etc? Resulting in a crazy amount of save files for purely training? I did try to Save All Routines, but upon loading it didn't seem to load them all up. Are you better saving them all individually and then reloading them all individually?
  6. Very much am a native English speaker, I am English. I've just never heard anyone use that word, in person or on TV. The other 3 words make far more sense. Thanks for explaining.
  7. Sorry, it was all off the top of my head. ERM.... What? I only understand English haha. I was merely talking about not having to worry about the tactical familiarity side of things. As that isn't in FMT then I just wondered if changing formations willy nilly would go against me. Have you swallowed a thesaurus? I've never encountered that word in all my years haha.
  8. It's surprising actually down the right flank as I do have my WBd to overlap on the team instructions, and that really does seem to work. Despite being on a defensive strategy he gets forward and beyond my Wa quite often. So playing on a positive mentality I could actually tweak things to defend better too? Will try out a few things tonight regarding that. Making things more compact may really help? Is it a good idea to have multiple tactics setup too and switch between 2 or 3 depending on the opposition? Are you against changing formation too, or does it not matter as I'm playing To
  9. I do like to play the inverted winger because due to his stats I don't see him as a natural winger, I think he's more dangerous cutting in. Against other teams I use positive mainly and I have to say it does quite often work, but I change it up as I don't want to get torn apart by the much better sides, and also I don't want the opposition getting used to me playing the same all the time. I play down both flanks to give me width. Most teams i come up against either have 3 in midfield and outnumber me, or quite simply that they are a much higher quality 2 than mine, so I feel like I c
  10. I'm not at the computer right now but will be able to post this tomorrow evening. However, the 2nd point on the formation is that is one thing I do t really want to budge on. It's a tried and tested formation that has stuck in football for years, and for me offers the most balance out of any other. I like playing with wingers, although in my team I do have the left as in inverted winger, due to him being right footed. Off the top of my head, basically this is my team roles. Sweeper Keeper - defend RWB - defend CB - defend CB - defend LFB - defend RW - attack
  11. I'll try keep scenario as brief as possible. Since I've been playing FM Touch (actually played FM10 for 9 years before finally giving up and fully focusing on touch, the rest of the touch games I couldn't get into as I found them too hard) I decided to throw everything into FMT 20. As Ipswich in League One, 2nd season, I actually got promoted via playoffs despite being expected to finish 6th or 7th. Massive achievement for me personally. In championship however I am massive favourite for relegation, and the board know it. We actually started much better than expected, but now, halfway through
  12. Wow. A fantastic insight mate. Thank you for everything in this thread. I hope I can come to you for more advice. I'll try some new things out tonight. If I get sack, I'll holiday until I get another club. I will then assess the squad and take on board your advice. Thanks again mate
  13. Thank you for all your help mate. I shall try and put all this advice into practice. With other commitments, family, socialising, shopping etc I don't get the time to play like I used to. But I should be back on tonight for an hour at least before bed. One final question though for the time being. Apart from the lack of need to play with out of the ordinary player roles, was there anything drastically wrong with the way I'd lined my team up originally? I really struggle with link up play as my team seem to lack cohesion. I will play with the roles you suggested earlier, but just intereste
  14. Longer term, that is the sort of team I want. Hoofball is short term while I have the players I have. I just don't see the squad I have being able to successfully play that way. Every game now I fear the sack as the board and fans have lost faith in me, so this situation is one I need to deal with in a short term fashion. Get some morale back, get some points on the board, get to the transfer window and maybe then I could possibly bring in a couple of new faces to help me play a more favourable style. There is nothing I want more than to please the fans and owners because that's exactly the wa
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