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  1. I like the way you can design set pieces in the game but often wondered how much better it would be to also see them played out on a training pitch in 3D. I know I would it find it easier to understand how my set piece would play out by seeing it for real Just like in real life as teams would practice set pieces on the training pitch.
  2. thank you for replying, ok, i will try that. when i reinstalled it wasnt a clean one, so i will delete everything and see if that helps as well
  3. Hello i am playing FM18, the latest version 18.3.4 1093856, I have sound on ‘live’ matches and league/cup highlights but I don’t get any sound for match replays, no kicking sounds, whistles or crowd sounds at all. The sound checkbox is ticked ‘on’ i read somewhere that this may have been turned off in an update as there was a problem and SI was looking into it, is this true? If so, is it possible to post an appropriate updated file or to lead me to where I can turn the sound back on, I have tried to find the file(s) using resource archives and comparing it to fm17 files where the sound works in replays to see an obvious programming change but I can’t find one Or could it be another problem? I did a complete reinstall and still the same no sound on replays i know most people play with sound off but I like it and it’s not much fun watching silent replays
  4. Actually no need to worry about answering, there is hardly any promotion, relegation between these leagues, looks like it’s invite only for the winners when ground requirements are good enough
  5. Really looking forward to this file, enjoyed the one you did for fm17, Dan, thank you. i have a question for anyone who has experience with these lower league databases, I’m planning on added a couple of leagues to this file that’s not on the original list, Swindon & Trowbridge district leagues. some senior teams that play in the Wiltshire premier are just above a league where their respective reserve teams play (Swindon, Trowbridge district). I know you can prevent the reserve team from getting promoted so that the senior team and the reserve team are not in the same league, however what happens when a senior team gets relegated to the division where their reserves are playing? Does the game crash?
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