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  1. I have cleared my cache multiple times, but there always seem to still be a lot of newgens with incorrectly generated faces.
  2. I had Lukaku retire at 31 in November due to a 6 month injury. This was FM 19.
  3. Yeah it seems to have been removed, thanks anyway.
  4. yup it was great to see those stats! I couldn't see this on Fm18 either.
  5. I remember there used to be a page before the match which listed out all the upcoming milestones of the players featured in the match. For example the match is the 200th match of a player or someone could possibly score their 100th career goal. The last time I saw this was FM17 I think and I've been trying to find it since but can't. Has it been removed?
  6. I think they should maybe do something like they had in FM mobile where theres a media list of most "hyped up" or best wonder kids where they're ranked, but it depends on a mix of their CA, PA, and form which means that someone high on the list probably has a good PA but its not guaranteed.
  7. Does anyone know when the next update will be and will it include stat changes bc I feel like players like Lindelof and Shaw have really improved. Thanks.
  8. Well I do think thats the problem. My first team is usually around 160-170 CA plus so ig it will be difficult for even more talented players to come through.
  9. Wow so do you think that it happens more with lower level teams? bc I'm at 2025 and once I reloaded on youth intake at least 25-30 times and I never got it lol
  10. Ok So I Have 2 Questions- 1- Does award voting for like the world golden ball and stuff still happen? because whenever I go to that page its always black even right before the announcements . 2- How hard is it really to get a golden generation? Because as Manchester United I have the highest rep in the world plus top facilities, coaches etc and I still haven't gotten it. any help appreciated thanks
  11. I change the kits every season with the in game editor to keep it from getting redundant.
  12. I bought a 200 PA Spanish striker once {saw his potential in the RTE} and I have seen 5-10 199 PA and 198 PA Newgens
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