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  1. How does the affiliate thing work with a senior club? I'm AFC Wimbledon and we've just signed a deal with Liverpool. It's mid-season so I don't think I'll get any players until the start of next season. Do they send me a few to pick from, or should I try and loan any of their U-23s / U-18s that might work? Do I get a choice on who they send?
  2. Deserter28

    Lower league scouting

    One massively time consuming thing I do as the season progresses is to go through each team in a higher division and scout the players in the reserves and U-18s whose contract is coming to an end. Youth players who have no chance at Man United might still be able to do a job in league 2 and maybe even beyond. It's almost impossible to buy a player at League 2 or League 1 level even if you have money, as if you can afford them, they're probably no good, so it's all about using the free transfer market.
  3. Deserter28

    Pace and Power

    Wow. The attacking plan has worked. Actually the whole thing has worked - 4 games, 3 wins and 1 draw, 14 goals for and 6 against, while playing 3 of the best teams in the division (had to play Portsmouth twice). I went on the counter mentality in game one, and that was pretty good, winning 3-1 vs Oxford. Then I went gung ho, beat Portsmouth 4-2, Burton 6-2 and then drew away at Portsmouth and but for a missed penalty would have had a 100% record. My new signings are superb, my young players up from the U-23 have goals and average ratings around 7.50 and my star striker has got 7 goals in four games. I have slightly modified, with a solid CB - CB - CM core on defensive mentality, with one full back looking to attack and one in support; having both on attack did overdo it. I've got them playing out of defence as the back four were too keen to just hoof the ball forward aimlessly; playing out of defence but keeping them on on pass into space / mixed passing means that the ball is more often moved to the wide midfielders where I want it. I am aware that this is not a signal that the tactic has "worked" - I thought at one stage last year, after beating Rochdale 10-0, that I had aced the game first time, before falling back into the relegation zone by February. I think you need six months of consistent performances before you can say that the tactic has bedded in and can be the basis of 2-3 seasons. But it's a decent start.
  4. Deserter28

    Pace and Power

    Thanks PQ, I did think initially to go more direct, but the ball was getting to the forward line so quickly that the midfield were too deep and the attacks kept fizzling out before we even got out of our half. Part of the principle is that you move the ball quicker by passing it than running with it, so shorter passes but more of them was hopefully going to mean that we can move the ball quickly and attack with numbers. Maybe I need to push the midfield further forward (FBs are already on further forward so can't do more with them). I will look at the next couple of games and refine.
  5. Deserter28

    Pace and Power

    Thanks jc, high-speed transitions are the absolute key, so I might need to be braver and follow your / pq's advice. I've completed pre-season now, and I think shorter passing into space with high tempo is closer to what I want to achieve, and also playing out from the back; otherwise what I've been getting is my centre backs whacking the ball into space but with my front two isolated. I'm not using a target man and it's not an aerial game; I want the opposition turning against my quick attackers, using the space behind them. My first game is a tricky one away at Oxford; we're 1000-1 to win the title and evens to go down apparently, and they're one of the better sides, so I think I will take a cautious approach to that one, and compare it to the following game, a Carabao cup match at home to Portsmouth. I can attack in that one and if it goes wrong, we weren't going to win that cup anyway.
  6. Deserter28

    Pace and Power

    Right, pre-season is nearly over. I've experimented a bit, and as with any proper experimentation, had mixed results. Played Fulham, from the division above, and tried to park the bus, giving up possession to get behind the ball and frustrate and hit on the break. All worked about from the hitting on the break bit - we lost 2-0, with the second one in the 89th minute, but in truth if not for my new keeper it could have been 4 or 5. Then played Wrexham from the Conference, was more positive and won 5-0. I am wondering if team mentality is more important than I thought, and if I need to be more decisive with it. I have almost never started a game on anything other than counter, standard or control. Against Wrexham I started on counter, moving up to Standard, but my full backs and wide midfielders weren't really getting forward as much as I wanted. It was only moving to attacking that it really started to happen. Permanentquandary suggests that should be the starting point, but I wonder if that will work as well in a league game rather than a PSF. How do others decide what mentality to start with?
  7. Am I better off hiring a coach with better coaching attack / defend / tactics attributes, or a professional / determined personality?
  8. Deserter28

    Pace and Power

    Thanks Johnny. I have not yet had to deal with any problems brought about by rising up the league
  9. Deserter28

    Pace and Power

    Thanks PQ and Jursaal - with the BWM, does that not find him caught out of position a lot as he goes chasing the ball? I've tried BWMs before, but they have made 4-4-2 less solid; if the other team move the ball quickly it ends up with him being by-passed. I've also always avoided extremes in mentality, almost never before FM18 starting a game on anything other than counter, standard or control; should I be braver? My final game of the season had mixed results. A 3-2 defeat, with two superb counter attacking goals; but my slow and ageing Centre back, in the side because of injuries, gave away a penalty, missed an interception for the 87th minute winner and then picked up a second yellow. His contract is not being renewed... Now into the close season and the battle is on to get the personnel in. I've found the perfect striker, out of contract, but he's asking for double what my top earner is getting. I'm hoping this might drop drastically (it's still May), as only Yeovil from the division below have him in their sights.
  10. Deserter28

    Pace and Power

    In the Wigan game we had two CCC's to their zero, so although the strikers were more isolated than I had hoped they did get some joy. My dlf has had a great season, scoring 25 goals in a struggling side; his major weakness has been getting caught offside. He has the beats offside trap as a trait, which I'm trying to train out of him, and when I initially played him as an advanced forward more or less every attack was brought to a halt by the linesman's flag. I will try the fullback \ wm switch in my next game at home to Bury who are 8th but nothing special - I will try and be more positive in that one and focus on the attacking side a bit more.
  11. Deserter28

    Pace and Power

    Could have been worse... Lost to an 80th minute own goal. They have 30 shots, but very few troubled the keeper. We had decent chances on the break; their defence was very quick, but we managed to find holes. I had to put the wide midfielders on automatic as they didn't really get into position when we lost the ball, which worked better, but in the second half they (playing a narrow 4-2-3-1) kept finding space down the flanks with their full backs, which is where the goal came from eventually. Definitely something to work on.
  12. Deserter28

    Pace and Power

    OK, so I've made a start. We have two games to play this season, and are safe from relegation so I can experiment I think. We're away at Wigan who are fourth, while we are 17th, so for this game I'm focussing on the defensive side: I've got the full backs getting further forward and staying wide, while the wide midfielders will sit more narrow. I prefer to play a wider game with right footed players on the right and vice versa so I haven't gone with the inverted wingers; I may yet go down the wide playmaker route, or even defensive wingers. I haven't really got the personnel yet, so I'm expecting a beating, but will try and analyse whether the players are doing what I want them to do. I'll let you know how I get on...
  13. Deserter28

    Pace and Power

    Thanks jusaal. I think what I'm wrestling with is how to do a genuine counter attacking style. As I understand it the counter mentality just means the team take fewer risks than on standard. What I want to get to is a team that is patient and organised without the ball, but is ready to pour forward when in possession. So we attack with 7 or 8 players with full backs looking to overlap and get crosses in or underlap and look to get around the box. And then if we lose the ball we work hard to get back behind the ball, focussing on being hard to break down rather than pressing. Maybe automatic \ further forward with the wide midfielders dribbling more?
  14. I've just about survived season 1, with a 4-4-2 dour defensive tactic, that has saved AFC Wimbledon from relegation (just). Now I want to upgrade to a proper tactic, based on a few existing players and a bunch of new ones that fit how I want to play. Basically I want to stick with 4-4-2, with a tactic that relies on us counter attacking with pace and power. When the opposition have the ball I want us organised, with 9 men behind the ball, being patient and keeping them out of the box. When we have the ball I want us to explode, utilising attacking wide men and strikers, through balls that will have slower league one defenders turning, and creating space behind those defences. My keeper and centre backs are sorted, tactically; the goalkeeper will be an orthodox, commanding keeper, and the CBs will defend (other than set pieces). But I'm not clear about the mentalities of my wide men. When we attack I want the full backs to have licence to get forward, on the overlap or underlap. I'll need new fullbacks on either side, with decent defensive skills, but also good fitness and crossing / technical skills. In front, I'll have wide midfielders who can get up and down, and will look to attack as soon as we get the ball. So if I put my full backs on attacking mentality, does that mean they will disappear off up the pitch and leave the defending to others, which is not what I want? Or is it relative, in that defenders will always look to defend first, but an FB on attacking mentality will look to get forward only when the opportunity arises? Similarly, if I want my wide midfielder to defend reasonably deep but move into attack mode the moment we get the ball, do I want support, automatic or attacking mentality?
  15. Deserter28

    Bringing on a Youth Player

    Thanks Akkarin! My whole project may be scuppered this evening - no win in 6, the Board called me in after my last defeat (I blamed injuries and got away with it this time), and now 3 of my 5 first team centre backs are out of the season leaving only my first choice and a 35 year old with the turning circle of the QE2. And Oxford at home are next, and they're second. I wanted it realistic I suppose... From memory I don't have many personality types in the groups you mention - mostly they're balanced, which I thought is neither here nor there. I haven't used anyone on fairly professional though, so might have a couple of them lurking.