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  1. Thanks Joey / Cleon - at the risk of monopolising (I am trying to make a real go of youth development this time out which I don't think I've ever done effectively before) - I have a striker, and I want to improve his strength, heading and off the ball attributes. I don't particularly want him to develop as a target man however. Am I better off focussing on improving the individual attributes, or training him as a target man just to get the attributes up?
  2. If I have a player being tutored, am I right in thinking I can't also get him learning a new trait?
  3. I have seen people on Cleon's training thread talking about how they have improved someone's current ability by 10-15 points. I thought CA was a hidden attribute in terms of numbers, and you could only see the star rating (from 1-5). Am I missing something or are they using a game editor or similar?
  4. Lower League Help

    Here it is. It doesn't look like genius to me. I guess there must have been some luck involved - 10 goals but only two CCC's.
  5. Lower League Help

    This is part question part boast. I did what I said and moved to a 4-4-2. Played Portsmouth who were top so went for a defensive counter attacking strategy and it worked a treat with 4 second half goals in a 4-0 win. I then went on to beat Gillingham 3-0, lost away at Blackburn 3-2, beat the dirty franchise 2-0 at home (hurrah!) and then lost 4-0 at Southend with a weakened side. So all very positive. I have just played Rochdale at home, who were 16th, but given the bad Southend result I decided to play it safe with tactics essentially the same as against Portsmouth. We won 10-0. Has anything similar happened to others? Am I a secret tactical genius? I am actually a bit worried. 10-0 is all very well, but if I've cracked the game already that easily then what am I to do with my spare evenings? I'll have to talk to my family or something.
  6. Lower League Help

    Yeah, I was hoping the wider central midfielders would, but hope isn't a strategy I guess. I am thinking of moving to 4-4-2, which did just get me 5 goals in the Checkatrade Trophy, but that was away at Barnet who are bottom of the fourth... Having said that, the defence has been fairly solid, bar a couple of set piece goals and a couple of late ones when I've been chasing the game. I'm also wondering whether I'm too rigid - after all most AI teams have 3 or 4 formations that they use at different times, so maybe I should have a more solid 4-4-2 formation for away games and home to high-flyers? How many formations do other managers have?
  7. Hi, I've just upgraded from FM14 to FM18 and it looks like I need help. I'm managing AFC Wimbledon. I like to have a career game that is as close as possible to real life - so no downloading tactics, searching wonderkids etc. I've gone through the squad and concluded that we have a surfeit of reasonable central midfielders, but are weak in the wide midfield positions. The best player looks like Harry Forrester, whose best position is AMC, so I've gone with a narrow 4-3-1-2 formation. Pre-season was excellent, including a 3-0 win at home to Premier League Watford. But the season has now started and we've played 4, lost 4 scored 2 and conceded 8. I like realism but draw the line at being sacked after 5 games. My base tactic is: Full backs overlapping to give us width, the supporting central midfielder an alternative central player with responsibility for creating, while the BWM is a luxury I thought I could afford given the 2 other CMs, able to roam a bit, hunt the ball down and quickly turn defence into attack. Defensively I like the defensive Central midfielder sweeping up in front of the back four; the opposition wingers are almost always on close down / weaker foot as every time in history I haven't the opposition have scored from crosses. The last game was at home to Doncaster, who were 3rd. For the second game running we went in a goal up but conceded just after half time and then late on. Match stats were: Is there anything obvious that I'm doing wrong?