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  1. Cool im gunna be doing a save on twitch with United so any help is great and yeah i looked at him and seems if i get him early he will be class
  2. Yeah im sure when we get close to the world cup there will be a database for it mate
  3. Yeah i agree it seemed like it was easier to get to the top with smaller teams on older FM's
  4. Any gems that have been posted that you guys would suggest i defo sign in my first season with MUFC
  5. I do youtube guys im happy to help and give advice on videos either on steam here or twitter just send me a message
  6. How has he been for you mate im looking for young talent for when i start my private MUFC save
  7. Hello I have been on these forums for a while but decided to make an account using my youtube name i have a channel which is quite small and i have a Monaco save that im really enjoying so i thought i would drop the first episode in here i hope you guys check it out and any constructive advice (not just abuse) is always welcome i look forward to hearing from you soon
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