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  1. I havent ticked any boxes to reject it's just a bug I am waiting on offers which when they come in are automatically rejected. i managed to loan him out and when he came back at seasons end I could accept offers for him so it worked out in the end but just annoying
  2. Thanks for the reply - always wondered about this. FYI I started my career with Ajax and hired "Sjors Ultee" as my Assistant - 6 years later 2 different clubs across 2 nations and he is still my go to guy... If I ever meet him in IRL I must buy him a beer !
  3. Sorry guys I wasnt clear - any bid that comes in is just automatically rejected. I dont get the option to accept or reject or haggle. so I offer him to clubs again, wait a day, 10 offers come in and all are automatically rejected.. repeat the process, still no joy. A club comes in with an offer 5 million shy of what I want I would accept but alas, the offer has already been automatically rejected. So I ask DOF to sell, offers are rejected automatically, even when they match the asking price. i managed to clear him out on loan but he was sitting in squad really p!ssed off and affecting morale for about a month
  4. Now that **** of call ups affecting ANY kind of first team game is totally unrealistic and a crazy bug that needs fixing... I played a super cup final with Liverpool, had only 12 first team players (and no youths as most were away with respective countries).. Absolutely ridiculous
  5. *Races home from work to see if this is true !! Thanks a million - will check it out.. Always frustrated me but hey I obviously wasnt reading right
  6. Hi Guys, Last post for a while. Is there any news on FM bringing in a clause in contracts whereby the selling team (to you) is asked to pay a contribution of wage in order to get the deal over the line. Why can the AI demand you pay 30% of a large earners wage and you cant do similar?? Very frustrating when (for example) you are Celtic and you seek to sign , say , an out of favour Sane from City. Have enough money to pay the transfer but cant even come close to paying the wage. It would be an excellent feature and one that to be honest is badly needed
  7. How is any of this unrealistic?? What do you want, the same teams winning all the time? How do you know Arsene Wenger IRL wouldnt be coaxed out of retirement to coach Dortmund, probably the freshest, most vibrant squad in Europe. With Auba Mandzukic Romelu thing, you dont know the AI tactics, system etc. IRL Fergie beat Arsenal 8-2 in 2011 with a midfield of Nani, Cleverley , Anderson and Young. Leipzig have a pretty cool squad and loads of money , whats stopping them from winning cups and the europa lg? the league I suppose is hard to win over a season but you freely admitted you dropped the ball with that? IMO Real lIfe is imitating the "unrealistic nature" of FM more and more - havent Boca Juniors Signed De Rossi on a free?! Unthinkable last year. Monaco won a league where their nearest rivals are essentially a gulf State sponsored football club. I started a season with Liverpool in the most recent FM - went the entire league season unbeaten won the league by like 15 points over city. At the time, moaned and said it was too easy and unrealistic - until Liverpool (IRL) lost one game all year and LOST the league to city! which sounds more unrealistic Best thing to do is just sit back and enjoy the maddness that is associated with Football Manager
  8. Hi Guys, Quick query - I have 2 keepers on my books, but very good. wanted to get rid of one (high wages and transfer fee) I haggled with a few teams to try and sell but none would pay enough. Then I promised him I would sell him. Next transfer offers sent in were just immediately rejected by me/ or the club. Cant offload him, tried everything (offering to clubs, trasnfer list etc) still the same thing, transfer rejected. i thenm went to DOF and asked him to offload, transfer offer rejected, I finally got him out on loan but any reason for this. Very annoying as affected my morale etc and general enjoyment of game
  9. Hi Guys, Just a quick question / query around the game. Does having unbelievable backroom staff assist you in the long (eg results etc). For example, I have excellent coaches and an Assistant Manager who has impeccable stats and allow him to run training, can you see any tangible rewards? Also, does staff ratings increase the better your club is doing? I only ask this because in FM 18 I had a brilliant Inter save and I am nearly positive my staff's ratings all increased ten fold the more succesful we were. Just a quick query if anyone knows for definite.
  10. Hi guys, Playing my Liverpool save last night and was gearing up for the Super Cup v Roma. Had bought a couple of young lads during transfer window and wanted to give them a run. About to play game and had 25+ (TWENTY FIVE) players away on international duty. From senior level down to u19. Off the top of my head had no Keeper, defence, 2 regulars available in midfield no front 3. And no subs Had to play basically a 5th string. Checked Roma and granted they were suffering with internationals (maybe 10+) but IMO that is absolutely ridiculous and would never ever happen IRL. Had a shell of a first 11 with no subs Has this happened to anyone else? Or is there any discussion around this to be had, or is it a case of hard luck? (BTW won 1 - 0 ; Sergio Gomez with the winner. If you didnt buy him from Dortmund, please do now)
  11. Just finished my first season last night - good save Won league by 12 points. Came 3rd in CL group (Behind Juve + Hoffenheim), beat Moscow in Europa then lost to Arsenal 7 - 6 over two legs. So disappointed Tadic scored 21 goals and assisted 20+ from Left wing (IF setting), Ziyech scored + assisted over 15. Bought Marin, excellent, slowly phasing Neres out but he scored over 15 goals in all comps. Bought Tonali, who was 3rd choice in my midfield 2 but will take over this season Dolberg got 29 league goals and over 40 in all comps. What a player Gave de ligt, van de beek, de jong all new contracts off the bat, 40m, 40m and 60m buyout clauses. De ligt joined Bayern in January, de beek Everton in June. Sold blind for 20 to lazio, wasnt playing him. Sold a few other kids / squad players for a combined 15mill I would say. Made signings last night that I cant remember the names of (one was definitely a centre half Jorge Mere fr 10mill, another Argentinian winger). All in all very enjoyable save, cant ever see myself breaking down Europe but may move on after another season or 3
  12. Changing to windows seems to have cured the issue. Cheers thanks very much
  13. Hi Guys, Quick one for you - in FM 18 toward the end of my save the game would often unexpectedly pause - the only way to unpause was to press windows key, which would then see the screen flick and play resume. would happen in game after a sub, goal etc. not very frequent but still enough to notice Got FM 19, cant move forward a day, click into a profile, search a player, move on a highlight in game, make a sub etc etc without game pausing on same screen. Press windows and it works fine. Getting very tiresome, really affecting my enjoyment. Is there anything I can do to eradicate this, or even get bit down to 1 /2 situations an hour where I have to press the windows key? Thanks
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