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  1. -- PROBLEM SOLVED -- Sorry for the waste of time, it was my fault, the problem that caused the issue was a downloaded custom skin. The game runs smoothly with the default skin. thanks
  2. the date is 11 june 2023, the email was about commercial summary.
  3. Uploaded files crash incoming email save - Cagliari - Copy.fm
  4. FM 2019 v19.3.0.1200598 (2019.03.02 16.40.25).dmp crash to desktop after clicking the unread message on incoming email
  5. As shown in the video it seems to appear only when the away squad is selected. link to explain video in YouTube I'm currently in public beta (19.2.1)
  6. sorry I don't have the old savegame but I was able to do the same test few weeks later. I've uploaded two savegames: Save - pre training - Cagliari.fm Save - post training - Cagliari.fm The week starts with "def corner" planned by AM, then I added sessions for: attacking free kicks penalties defending free kicks and just before the match I did a new save. thanks Max
  7. already posted in the "tactics and training" forum with no answer. I'm nearly sure that before last updates it showed correctly. thanks. https://community.sigames.com/topic/457158-no-info-in-match-preparation-for-specific-training/
  8. don't know if is a bug or not, added a new training schedule for "attacking free kicks" (upcoming match: Att. free kicks) but i don't see any info on match preparation panel. I don't understand why "def. corners" when there's no specific training for corners. beginning of the week end of the week
  9. as in the screenshot, "Extremely Wide" (and "Extremely Narrow") not translated. thanks
  10. All the time I ask myself what those bars mean...exactly. I suppose is where the main action happens on the pitch but I think there's a finest interpretation of the data. i.e. if the opposition attack bar is greater than your defense bar it means that they are overloading the box ? or is only the sum of the time spent by the two formations in that side of the pitch ? thanks
  11. sorry but in the 'game' directory there's no 'movies.fmf' file. In the same folder I found a 'Movies' directory with a bunch of .ogv media files
  12. I'm happy with the season so far but it is too much different from the real things. I've almost the same team. Just a comparison with real life, I was there, no way to block a perfect talented team.
  13. Trying to avoid relegation with Cagliari, a low league Serie A team. I developed a tactic based on patient short passing with low tempo keeping the line high. Thanks to @Rashidi tips I'm trying to overload one flank (right) to attack space with my WB on the left. Is vital for my trequartista to move the ball also on the left, but it didn't happened often. he's on short passing, changing to direct cause too much wrong pass in the space. Anyway I'm having a good season
  14. I wish to play a short passing style for my team and that could be easily done with TI, but I can't change one or more players (more creative/technical) to play on mixed passing, the only solution is short or direct. Is there a workaround ?
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