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  1. Alright, thanks for clarification. I never spotted this exact situation (all coaches no matter what JPA giving a difference of 3 stars CA/PA) in all the years I've been playing and thats why it seemed strange to spot at least 2 on my own team at the same time. Have a nice day
  2. Also worth noting that on other players that reached max potential, they show X/X (same stars for CA and PA) as expected:
  3. Here you can see my coaching team. JPA ranges from 6 to 14 When getting the opinion of ANY of them (either from squad depth as you suggested or from staff responsibilities) I get the same, 2/5 stars: As i said, for me this is a bug. The way i'd expect it to work is: 1- You sign a young player with 30 CA/170 PA = you get 1 star / 5 stars. once you get close to 170 CA, you will have 5/5 stars 2-You sign a young player with 30CA/50 PA= you get 1 star/5 stars (because your scouts or coaches have crap JPA), but once your player gets closer and clos
  4. I would believe it if other staff member with better JPA would give more accurate stars, but they all think the same about the player. Also kinda strange that they both reached "max potential" at 18 i would say... What player reaches max potential at 18? Body is not even fully formed at this age in real life... Sounds very weird to me, someone from SI can confirm?
  5. Hi. I have realized that one of my players is not progressing even though he's 19 and playing often. He's 2 stars out of 5 potential and it hasnt moved in couple of years so i checked his stats with the editor and look at this: For me it seems like a bug, can you please confirm?
  6. At least i found a workaround, from "shortlists", deselect as active list: Hope it helps you at least while they hopefully fix this game already :P
  7. Hello. I always wondered why the possibility to select more parameters for our scout recommendations doesn't exist. Obviously im not speaking about filtering by hidden attributes, but i would like the ability to filter by any of the fields that the scout may be aware of. Example: I want to be informed only about <personality of the player> type of players and so on. Basically i want to be able to use the same fields for the scout recommendations as i can use on the player search screen (or maybe even more) Is there a reason why this is not implemented? Doesnt sound li
  8. Still not fixed in todays update. Any news? are you aware of this issue? Is just only me?
  9. Keep getting mails about players in my shortlists. When i try to untick the options to follow shortlists, as in the picture, it doesnt work (nothing happens). I'm using a custom skin but the same happens with default skin:
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