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  1. So could you please explain why i have been on the game and successfully played it for a number of hours but the problem has now re-ocurred out of nowhere. So my system is strong enough to run the game, it has run the game! What an absolute joke it is that the minimal requirement means now i have to go out and buy a new laptop. Thanks for that, ridiculous!! Surely setting all the preferemnces to minimum which i have done should mean even the weakest modern laptop could play this game. Whoever decided on these features is a joke
  2. After spending several hours trying to get my graphics driver updated i manager to get the game to launch. However i had to edit various config files and do lots of tinkering with code to update the driver, which then meant the screen resolution was very poor as i had no option to increase it to what my laptop should run at. I noticed another patch has been released but nothing to allow the game to run on computers that can run the game but for some reason the developers have made it so it won't! I have tried to boot with the --config very_low and still have the staging error. If my laptop has the capability to run the game then it should run it, graphics drivers should have no bearing on it!!!
  3. Cheers, in an interesting and very infuriating update; as i went to load the game again to take a screenshot of the error message. The game miraculously loaded, 90 minutes after my first attempt and with no changes made what-so-ever!! i'll keep this thread updated with regards to how the game plays, it might yet fail on me later on.
  4. Hi, everytime i launch football manager 2018 i get a 'staging' error message and the game fails to launch passed the beginning logo screen. I have attached my ddxdiag file. If this is something to do with the graphics card as my research leads me to believe i find it ridiculous that you would put a game out there that people cannot play without forking out for £600 or more of computer/laptop. I, myself, don't care about watching the matches and simply view replays of goals and even then in the old style 2D view. Why could there not be an option to play the game with reduced graphics as per previous versions where you could change the quality level in preferences. If my graphics are not to blame then any ideas to allow me to launch the game, let alone play it, would be appreciated. DxDiag.txt
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