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  1. I’d have a look in Scandinavia mate, lots of cheap, decent players available for a pittance. Have a search for Truls Jørstad, Sebastian Remme Berge and Marcus Solbakken. All midfielders and should be signed for well under your transfer budget (20-25k tops all together). Their seasons end around October/November time so you could pick up a few end of contracts too. I’ve seen people who manage in league 2/Vanarama national sign these guys so they should be more than willing to sign for Walsall. If you can stretch the wage budget there is a right back called Yarouba Cissako available on a free who is insane in that league but all depends if you can afford him. As pompey I just trawled through Norway seeing what I could get for under 30k and the talent is there, just takes time! Hope that helps buddy!
  2. How big is your database and what leagues do you have loaded? Also what team are you?
  3. I will be the first to hold my hands up and say I’m not a tactical genius in this game by a long stretch, but I love the 4-1-2-3 had success in FM16 and still use it now in FM18 admittedly with a lesser team than Chelsea. So I’ll try to dissect it: First, you haven’t really said how it isn’t working. Are you weak defensively i.e. conceding often, leaving gaps, no cover etc. Are you poor going forward? Not enough chances/goals, lack of creativity etc. Is the midfield non-existent? So people can only help once they fully understand why you don’t think that works. My diagnosis: I think you struggle with space going forward in both tactics. The first version you seem to have 5 players trying to get to the same small pocket of space in front of the back line, yes you have your DLF as attack but he’ll still make his attacking runs from a lot deeper position than say an AF or poacher. Adding to that you have both wings as Inside Forwards which will look to cut inside to heap even more congestion in to the middle of the park. The 4th player in the mix is the advanced playmaker who with an attack role will look to push up into the AM position right where your DLF is looking to start his runs and plays, and your inside forwards are cutting into. Then on a fluid shape your BBM will be expected to push up and get involved in the attacks in the middle as well. It’s a similar story on the second version if you follow my thinking from the first version. I wouldn’t do wholesale changes. Little changes until it clicks and you’re happy. Personally even though I love 4123 I wouldn’t use that for Chelsea as I think they have better players for other formations. But free up space. I learnt from some of Cleon’s posts about the advantage of having one IF on one wing and an attacking winger on the other side so it varies how your team can attack. Maybe change the striker to an advanced forward so he’s pressuring the CBs. The advanced playmaker as a support option so he’s patrolling in the space between defence and midfield spraying the ball between the top 3. Maybe put the BBM as a more deeper role such as a BWM so they contribute to both defence and attack. I find playing a Winger - Attack in front of an attacking full back drags the opposition full back with him leaving the space for your full back to attack and cross the ball into the box, I’ve gotten 20-25 assists from the FB position by doing this. Hope this helps! Edit: I literally didn’t see I’d put nearly the same thing as Torskus77 *facepalm*
  4. Definitely second what MontyOnTheRun said. I’d also check out the reasonably cheap: Kristoffer Hay Andreas Hanche-Olsen Truls Jørstad Tobias Heintz Sander Eng Strand Martin Ove Roseth Felix Horn Myhre Tobias Svendsen Thomas Rogne Julian Ryerson There’s a Scandinavian u23 hot prospects shortlist banging around somewhere, google it or check steam workshops
  5. Pretty much went down the same route you did as Portsmouth by loading Norway and having Scandinavia set to ‘national reputation players’ (I can’t remember the actual name of that setting) and the other main nations. If you have France loaded there should be a guy on a free transfer called Yarouba Cissako, handy little right back that has decent premier league potential on my save but he does cost a bit in wages (5.25k for me), however he’s a great attacking full back so worth a look. Other players I got:- Kenji Gorré - Swansea. Tearing it up for me despite him having 2 determination, top goal scorer, assists and avg rating for me at AMR. 230k. Danny Guthrie - free transfer. High wages again and prone to injuries but does a job on a one year deal as you try for promotion. Markus Solbakken - HamKam. 10k, looks a very promising 17yr old centre mid. Truls Jørstad - Ull/Kisa. 5k. 20 Determination and leadership. High stamina and corners. For 5k you get a solid league one level DM as a starter or back up and a great tutor for the whippersnappers. Sebastian Remme Berge - Ullern. At just 2k you can’t complain about this solid centre mid. Tobias Heintz - Sarpsborg. My coaches are raving about him and he has good base stats for an inside forward on the left. 19yrs old. 250k up front with another 300k after 50 appearances. Sorry for the essay but hope that helps maybe!
  6. With Jovanovic did you get any work permit problems? Tried signing him in the first transfer window as portsmouth but he couldn’t get a permit.
  7. Yeah that star rating isn’t for his staffing ability per se but more for his reputation level so he clearly hasn’t built up a worldwide reputation yet (if I’m not getting this horrendously wrong.) You’ll see his actual coaching ability on the training screen which I imagine will see him be around a 4-4.5 star level coach he’s just not a big name in the footballing world yet. Hope that helps (and that I’m not talking crap haha).
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