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  1. I'm great at tactics I don't know why I lose games by 8+ goals :/
  2. could the slots be used in conjunction with "Youngster Knowledge" ? example lvl1= 1 slot lvl2= 2 slots and so on
  3. My Idea is this: Have a scouting tab for players who are really young (10-14yrs). These players don't gen as free agents or for a club, since they are so young, however they do gen in waves like youth intake. These players can be scouted, and added to a shortlist. As for stats, these players would have bad physical attributes, but those increase normally. They would have normal mental attributes. Their technical attributes would be bad, but increase slowly (1/2 speed). Once these players reach 15 you can tell your HYOD to scout and offer youth contracts to the players. This system would be opt
  4. thanks for feedback on the second system, I somehow didn't think of that, but that is why it is good to get other opinions
  5. I was messing with the pitch textures and replaced the pitch with a low res image of Balotelli
  6. 1) By this I mean, if I was to assign the PPM training of "gets forward whenever possible" the player may have an increase to attribute growth in work rate and off the ball, but may decline in positioning. 2) Alternatively, the PPM's may just do flat stat increases (+1 or maybe +2 to stats, nothing crazy) and only appear when the player has the certain PPM. Example, "gets forward whenever possible" may boost work rate and off the ball by +1, but decrease positioning by a point or two, these changes revert if the player is told to forget the PPM (attributes go back to the prior amount bef
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