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  1. sounds really interesting... please let us all know how you get on.
  2. I have just had George Thorne at age of 26 retire from football due to injury and my team insurance company pay me 625K payout.
  3. go with your gut feeling. LUFC is good enough to be promoted without buying any players. But look through this thread to see how some people have enhanced the first year squad.
  4. You are doing great. Awesome players in and a decent squad to tackle the EPL, plus cash in bank. All looks good to me.
  5. keep us informed. The leeds squad at the start is good enough to get you promoted without adding any new players.
  6. Try and load your deadwood under 23s for some money even 10% is better than paying players you wont play.
  7. Season 2022/23 Leeds win FA Cup. Failed in all other competitions. 3rd in EPL, went out champs league in qtr final.
  8. I buy every year regardless and have since CM1. I can still be critical and objective, however. I would recommend FM19 over FM18. Let's face it where can anyone buy a better management sim for the price. It is worth every penny.
  9. Season 4 2021/22 Mixed season. My players are on leave when I receive the news that Leeds are champions after man utd beat Liverpool at old trafford. My best team : I get the following news once the squad is on holiday. Leeds have won the EPL. The board are delighted We lost the super cup and went out early in the FA cup and league cup. Transfers were good in most respects plus we sold Zaha to PSG for 31m and and okore to shandang for 21 m
  10. I was disappointed ... I had bought in what I thought was a solid team. Lots of injuries cost me in the end.
  11. Great start indeed. Wollscheid, Marin and oxford are all solid signings. As for Haland. I havent used him but this is his history in my game. and this is stats
  12. Season 3 20/21 Disappointing season. Leeds finished 3rd in EPL and won Euro Cup. The EPl was tight. man Utd and Liverpool on 83 pts and Leeds, Man city and Spurs on 82 points. So goal difference made Leeds 3rd. 1 point behind league winners. Too many transfers I think. My team that finished the season looked like this :
  13. You have a lot of loans there and all cant play. Maybe you need rotate them.
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