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  1. I buy every version of the game regardless and have done since the start... yes CM1 But this versions features seem underwhelming. I wont probably want to use any of them.. but i am sure as eggs is eggs that FM16 will be the best football management simulator out there. I can't wait to play it.
  2. soldierblue123

    Sneaky sneaky update

    The mods can only go on the information they have been given. If SI decide to changes things the MODS cannot be held accountable for previous information.
  3. Glad to see you guys carrying on with Leeds. Hope you all have success.
  4. soldierblue123

    Anyone else get the in-game April Fool yet?

    I have never got it.
  5. It happens a lot.. they tend to sign players and staff and take you way way over your wage budget.
  6. soldierblue123

    How do you watch/play your matches?

    3D key highlights
  7. what year do you want to take over ?
  8. I have never seen an AI team go all season undefeated.
  9. your strategy seems a good one. But if you can't sell the likes of Murphy he can do a job in the first season in EPL. I was shocked that in my firsts season up ... how well players like Murphy did for me. in my game I am finding it difficult to vastly improve my midfield. Now season 2019/20 has started and Odegaard adn Wilshere are my main midfielders with Cook.
  10. I have no doubt that that team will stay up.
  11. 2019 in my game : I won Champions league, FA Cup and EPL. To those interested : i have just got 90.6 million quid in TV sponsorship for 2019/20 season. For the premiership.
  12. Have never seen it work either.
  13. Yes you win on the away goals rules.
  14. I have not experienced a single person stretchered off. So do you think it could be your training ? Or are you putting players with low fitness and high jadedness on the pitch ?
  15. I play a home and away tactic - both are very similar - and after many in game years the AI hasn't 'sussed' it out. Of course the AI does take you more seriously since you are successful... but it hasn't cracked the tactic as such.