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  1. In all honesty I have the same issue, with the "Work ball into box" team instruction, and with my 2 IF's with instructions to "shoot less" my players still take random long shots, as well as shots from impossible angles and they do have better options. The number of times I have a player completely free in the middle just waiting for a pass across for a tap in into an open goal and the player just shoots is infuriating. And I'm talking about Coutinho/Dybala/Salah so it's not players with poor vision & decisions doing this.
  2. In the file below, both of my "open goal" chances were in the opening 20-30mins. Liverpool v Man City.pkm
  3. Hi Guys, I've added 3 that I've recorded beforehand and sent to friends (we're in a network game so was highlighting some of the chances missed) For the Verratti miss it was a 4-4-2, wide player Versaci (youth gen) was in an AMR position as a winger, Verratti was DLP playing a counter mentality For the Dybala miss after the Firmino miss it's self explanatory For the Dybala miss from Jose Gaya cross, it was the same formation and set up as the Verratti one. (I was playing Man City and then Man Utd straight after each other so had a counter attack setup for both) If you need any more info then let me know! And thanks for the input VID-20171218-WA0010.mp4 VID-20171228-WA0016.mp4 VID-20171228-WA0018.mp4
  4. Hi Cleon, Would you have any advice to correct it? Again, I've tried diff strategies to combat the types of chances being created. I know 1 v 1's aren't as clear a chance anyway as in real life the keeper would save 2/3rd's of the time however I just can't explain the sheer number of misses from 6 yard box tap ins when the ball has already passed the keeper. And I'm not a lower league team with a poor finisher, I have Dybala consistently missing these with a finishing/anticipation/composure all 17 or above.
  5. First time contributor but am getting past the point of tearing my hair out with players constantly missing tap ins. For context I'm playing as Liverpool and currently in Season 3, in nearly every game I'm taking 20-30 shots and will generally concede from 1 shot on target against. However my main gripe isn't just the chance conversion but the type of chances, my inside forwards and wingers will play the ball across the goal line and my strikers or attacking players (Dybala/Firmino/Verratti/Dele Alli) will all just miss these simple tap ins. They can hit it wide, over the bar, straight back to the keeper, anything except the simple tap into an open goal. Is this an issue anyone else is having? I would normally adjust tactics if it was just random shots without creating any meaningful chances but this is constant missing of open goals for over 18 months. This has happened when playing a 4-3-3 with 2 IF's and an AF, with a 4-4-2 with an AF and DF up front, and a 5-2-3
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