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  1. Yes I uploaded it. It is called Massimiliano Allegri - Unemployed and Massimiliano Allegri - Unemployed (v05) Date is 26th of May, 3 days after Arteta was fired and 29th of June (v05 save), just before they agreed a deal with Sarri.
  2. Idk if this is even a bug, maybe it is set up that way, but IMO it is really silly. Almost as a rule teams do not hire a new manager for over a month, at any point in the season. I had a situation now in my save where Arsenal fired Arteta in May 2021. They agreed a deal with Sarri at the end of June, he was waiting for a work permit until July 18th. Mancini quits Italy post day after Euros. Sarri signs with Arsenal, resigns a day later and takes the Italy post. Mancini agrees to join Arsenal, still waiting for a WP two days before their first game of the season. It is ridiculous, and
  3. Hi guys. So I'm using base light and dark skins with just a few edits like new font, instant result and a backgrounds folder. The problem I have is this: On the light skin contract details for players are nicely visible. But on the dark skin: The circled part is kind of hiding behind the positions panel even though I didn't change absolutely anything in the panels or any other place. Any ideas why? Also, can someone tell me me where can I change these gray colors to something darker like the sidebar panel: Thank you very
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