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  1. Update : I've now got the game working, I did the following - Open Steam and access your Games Library - Right-click on Football Manager 2017 -> Properties -> General -> Set Launch Options - Type this in the box: --no_exclusive_fullscreen - Click on OK, close the window and launch FM17 through Steam This will enable the game to launch in maximum borderless windowed mode and you should no longer encounter the issue.
  2. Hi My Dad was recently bought FM 2017 for Christmas. He received it as a disk and followed the in game instruction as to how to install to Steam. Since installing and downloading the game, everything appears fine, Steam recognises the game, however every time he launches it the game gets stuck on the very first 'Sports Interactive' animation, it then usually black screens or just freezes completely, forcing him to close the game via Task master, which displays FM as Not Responding. I've read similar threads on this issue, and followed all recommended steps (Dad is less tech savvy hence why I'm helping out). I've Deleted Cache and Preferences and then revivified. I've reinstalled DirectX after having deleted the recommended files. I've also tried cutting the files located in Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017 folder whilst backing them up. Still nothing. I have obviously tried uninstalls/reinstalls and computer restarts. I've also read that Virus protection could effect it, but I've looked into this and it's not causing an issue. Hope you can help, here's the specs on his computer : HP Pro Book 470 G3 Windows 7 Professional SP1 Intel (R) Core i5-6200U CPU @ 2.30GHz Processor 8GB RAM (7.9GB USABLE) 64-bit Operating Sytem
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