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  1. After more than two months of not playing, I thought, let's give it another try. I played one game and I'm already totally done. Same old problems. The game finished 2-2: one goal from a corner, one from an indirect free kick, one from a defensive mistake and one from nice attacking play (which I would like to see more often). This could be a game in real life, ofcourse it could, the problem is that every game is the same on FM. My striker missed three 1v1's, he missed a penalty (which seems to happen far too often), and where I scored two goals from 16 shots on target, my opponent didn't need more than three shots for two goals. Absolute joke of a game, it's just so boring and annoying. But yeah SI, keep telling yourself it's a good game. This is coming from someone who has spent over 600 hours on every game since FM15, with more than 1.000 on FM17 and FM19. Didn't even get to 200 this year.
  2. Because this year’s is unplayable and I paid 50 euros to be able to play this game. We have to wait at least 6 or 7 months till FM21 so it’s not like I only have to wait a couple of weeks before we get a new ME. This game is obviously not up to scratch so I expect a well working game for this kind of money.
  3. I think it's unbelievable that SI are telling us there won't be another ME update at least until FM21. This game with the current state of the ME is simply unplayable. Congratulations on having more paying customers than ever before, but I have never ever seen so many complaints about the ME on this forum. Me, as a customer, I feel absolutely robbed. I paid 50 euros just to lose my excitement after 10 games into a new save. Sure you can tell us: "We appreciate your feedback but look! We sold more copies then ever before". Well, good for you, but if you seriously think this ME is not totally broken I don't see any hope for the future. The sad thing is, with the lockdown going on I have a lot of spare time and it would have been so much fun to spend my days playing FM, but ironically I would rather play FIFA now, a game I always thought is much worse than FM. I have been a loyal customer and I've bought every single copy since FM2008, but I've lost all excitement about this game because this year's, in my honest opinion, has been an absolute failure. What is even worse is that SI don't seem to care because they've sold more copies than other years. I will think twice before I spend another 50 euros on a new game from your company.
  4. Right folks, that's me done for this year's FM. I really tried to like it, but I can't get past the second or third season, no matter which club. Mainly because there's only three types of goals: goals from corner kicks, goals from crosses (mostly headed in by wingers under 180cm) and shots from 20 meters or more (mostly scored by players with low shooting). It all feels so repetitive. It's such a big shame man, this game has so much potential but this year SI got it totally wrong regarding the match engine. I am not trying to insult SI or whatever, I am just trying to say that this ME is really not good and it concerns me seeing it in this state because the ME used to be so good until FM17 (or 18 maybe, I didn't play that one). I hoped you guys would have it fixed for the february update because it always got fixed then, and you gave me all the right to hope. You know, I would understand if you had not enough time to fix it (I don't have a clue about how complex it is to set up a match engine) but what really concerns me is the fact that SI seem to think this ME is pretty good. Because it is not at all. It took the fun away from me and I am afraid of the ME in FM21 if you think there's not much wrong with the current one... Come on SI, don't let us all down.
  5. My left back with 8 crossing has 15 assists in 14 games... shows the lack of central play this year. SI did an absolute terrible job with the ME in my opinion. Can’t believe you are telling me that there won’t be another update.
  6. I think I’m done with FM20. I have bought and played every game since 2009 but this time it’s the worst ME I’ve ever seen. All 1v1’s are still straight at the keeper, almost every goal scored is a header, I have had a LOT of games now where I had about 30 shots, 15 on target, scoring one and my opponent scores one as well but from only two or three shots on target. Very frustrating. It’s not fun for me anymore, so I’m not playing at least until there’s an update and if the ME doesn’t change a lot, I’m definitely done for this year. The game outside of the ME is outstanding, but the bad thing is that the ME is far too important. Big shame, I really hope the known issues will be fixed this time but I don’t think so, because the ME has been almost the same everytime since the game was released now.
  7. Well done SI! Thank you for listening to your fanbase and not waiting until March. The game is much more enjoyable now!
  8. I've tried my best not to be annoyed when my attackers do stupid things like not passing the ball, but instead shooting from an impossible angle, shooting straight at the keeper 15 times a match, not moving at all when the opposition plays a long ball so their striker goes 1 on 1 (and he does score, in contrast to my striker), because like the mods here do say very often, things like these happen in real life as well. It is true, but this year it happens far and far too often in the game. I get that I can't always win even when I'm the better side, and I wouldn't have it any other way because it's football, but I lost count to how often I actually am the better side, with by far better players, and it ends in 0-0 or 1-1 (at least 15 shots on target for me tot at most 4 for my opponent). My teams just can't score, even though we create at the very least 5 CCC's every match. I am the manager of Ajax, last season in real life they scored 122 goals in the league and this year they are on 58 goals after 18 games in the league, but in FM they struggle to score 1 of 2 goals at home to teams that are rock bottom. And no, it's not my tactics because like I said, we create a lot of CCC's. I really do hope you guys release an update very soon, because I will not play the game anymore until there's an update. I can't believe how you SI guys are still defending the ME, I've never seen so many complaints about the game. It is just not fun to play anymore. I removed FM19 from my laptop because otherwise there would be no space for FM20, but god do I regret that. The FM19 ME was far better than this year's one and I really really hope this will change soon because if it doesn't, I won't bother buying FM next year.
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