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  1. Another thing that really annoys me, when you’ve finished a game and you click on the result in your inbox, you don’t see the players’ stats anymore so I have no idea who to compliment for their finishing, chances created, defending, etc... I just want the FM20 UI back.
  2. Good evening, I’ve started a save with AZ in Holland today and I noticed when a player or manager (or coach, or whatever) signs a new contract in-game, it runs til May 31st. It should be til June 30th, it has always been like that and it didn’t change. I checked other countries but outside of Holland, contracts run til June 30th so the problem is probably only in Holland. I’m sorry if someone mentioned this before!
  3. I want a timeline. I want to see the face of the goalscorer. I want to see who gave the assist. I want to see my team’s stats, the latest scores and the league table inbetween highlights. I want the game to pause when I’m doing a ‘quick sub’. I want to see the match odds before the game starts. Please SI, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the match UI in FM20, why the need to change it for the worse?
  4. When a player or manager signs a new contract it runs till May 31st, should be June 30th as it always has been
  5. For me it’s incomprehensible that there’s no dark skin. Just can’t get my head ‘round it. No match UI changes as well? What the...
  6. Wow SI, you did a great job this year. I gave you a lot of stick in the past because I didn't think the ME was very good, but it really is this year. Thank you for listening to us and matching, maybe even surpassing the high expectations of most players. And you did it in the middle of a pandemic. Great work! However, the game is not perfect (ofcourse it's not, how could a video game ever be perfect). Two things I would love to see are: - Show the name of the player that assisted when a goal is scored. It was in the game previous years but I haven't seen it so far. - Make
  7. Okay, had some time to think about it and one thing is certain: the ME is definitely better than FM20. It’s not perfect (ofcourse it’s not) but from what I’ve seen, FM21 will be a fun game. Still not enough highlights from open play imo but maybe that’s because of the tactics they put in tonight. Anyway, I’m hopeful! You did a good job SI, and thank you for listening to us.
  8. Very sad to see that every highlight starts with a throw in or corner kick
  9. All the new features look good to me, I've read some comments saying "no-one cares, focus on the ME" and although I agree that the ME has been very disappointing last year, the new features do excite me. I just hope SI have fixed the ME as well. I haven't played FM since February I think and I really miss this game. It all comes down to the ME though, if it's better than FM20 I will definitely buy FM21 but if it's still not fixed I think I will say goodbye to FM forever.
  10. Nope, I'll wait and see what people on here say about the ME when it comes out. I really hope it will be a lot better than FM20, cause I miss playing FM but the ME ruined it for me this year. I didn't get past the third season and sadly it's not possible for me to go back to FM19 or earlier because I don't like it when player's stats are not up to date. Let's wait and see, if the ME is not good again I will do the same for FM22, and so on until there's a ME that reflects real life football in an acceptable way.
  11. After more than two months of not playing, I thought, let's give it another try. I played one game and I'm already totally done. Same old problems. The game finished 2-2: one goal from a corner, one from an indirect free kick, one from a defensive mistake and one from nice attacking play (which I would like to see more often). This could be a game in real life, ofcourse it could, the problem is that every game is the same on FM. My striker missed three 1v1's, he missed a penalty (which seems to happen far too often), and where I scored two goals from 16 shots on target, my opponent didn't need
  12. Because this year’s is unplayable and I paid 50 euros to be able to play this game. We have to wait at least 6 or 7 months till FM21 so it’s not like I only have to wait a couple of weeks before we get a new ME. This game is obviously not up to scratch so I expect a well working game for this kind of money.
  13. I think it's unbelievable that SI are telling us there won't be another ME update at least until FM21. This game with the current state of the ME is simply unplayable. Congratulations on having more paying customers than ever before, but I have never ever seen so many complaints about the ME on this forum. Me, as a customer, I feel absolutely robbed. I paid 50 euros just to lose my excitement after 10 games into a new save. Sure you can tell us: "We appreciate your feedback but look! We sold more copies then ever before". Well, good for you, but if you seriously think this ME is n
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