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  1. Ah I see. That's because I've added players through the custom database part (adding continents) that makes sense. I guess that's why my new save doesn't seem to be crashing as much or I'm having much less success in getting my game to freeze, I have around 117,000 loaded in the database. I'm just happy that I can play my Real Betis save now and will in future keep more of an eye on what is an acceptable number for my computer. Thanks a lot for answering my questions Jimmy. Steve. P.S - I hope these changes/ fixes have helped Larakin15 with their game as well.
  2. so I have 165,000 loaded which yes exceeds the game's recommendation of 125,000. So should I remove some leagues from the Add/Remove section to bring them numbers more in line? I know turning off the newgen faces has done well but do you think staying within the games recommendation would be better? I've always wanted to try and run a full database with everything loaded but I guess that is simply out of the question.
  3. Not that I want to keep refreshing this post Jimmy BUT is the newgen picture files the fault for the freezing on my PC and Laptop or was this just a work around? Can my PC not handle the amount of newgens the game makes each season (I find the freezing more common past 5 seasons, though with your work around about turning off the newgen pictures it seems more stable so far). I don't consider my PC 'outstanding' but I have thought it wouldn't struggle with FM and seems more than capable of running the latest games with little porblems. Thanks
  4. Ok, so I put some time in with these changes and haven't had any problems with freezing (haven't been trying to aggressively crash it though) I'm just happy I can scout and buy players again lol
  5. Ok, so I played about 2 hours tonight with these changes and SO FAR it seems OK. I will continue playing over the weekend so let you know if I had any problems with my save on Monday. Steve
  6. while it's great that you can reproduce the freeze issue I hope there is a work around. I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'setup' As for the database size (leagues I run and amount of players) there is a picture on the original thread with a picture of the database. EDIT: OK I think I know what you mean now (sorry, it's 3am and I have an early start at work) I've uploaded the file you want on this post. I attached a screenshot too Real Betis Setup.fmf
  7. hello, I did try uninstalling and reinstalling it as well as clearing my cache/preferences. I wish I had like an error code or something i could show. The fact it just freezes is kinda annoying
  8. I think there maybe something wrong with my Football Manager 2019 game files. The same crash is happening on my new save, I'm about 4 seasons in and the game is just freezing (no error, no crash dump) when I look for players on the players search screen in scouting section. Maybe my PC cant handle 4+ seasons... I don't know if that's a thing or not but I figured my computer was more than powerful enough for FM 2019. my dxdiag is in my first post if you still need it. Anyway I just wanted to add this in the post that it seems to be happening on multiple saves now. (Since starting this new save I have no skins, facepacks extra.... it's completely base game). Anyway just adding this here. Steve
  9. save file was uploaded and is labelled... steven titchener - real betis.fm
  10. Ok, so I uninstalled the game on my laptop and re-installed it. There are no additional files (face packs, logos or kits etc...) the game just freezes on the player search section. I don't get a crash dump or error from windows saying it's un-responsive the game just freezes (if I go to the task manager FM2019 says not responding like in the video I uploaded for you) I'm guessing I just lost my save game
  11. no, my laptop has no skins, logos or player faces. it is just the default game (my laptop probably can't cope with them additional files) I will try it again on my laptop for you and report back shortly. Also I don't know if this adds to my save game problem but I'm not playing on my Real Betis save while it's being investigated so I started a new save with AFC Bournemouth and I tried forcing the crash on that one and I simply cannot crash the game on the player search section (which is a good thing) it just seems to be with the Betis save file
  12. save file was uploaded and is labelled... steven titchener - real betis.fm I also recorded a video of me crashing the game and how it happens, I've uploaded it onto YouTube. I have tried this save on a 2nd machine to see if it crashes on that as well, it does. FM2019 Game Crash and how it happens Steven Titchener - DxDiag.txt
  13. I'm not brilliant at helping with tactics but the fact that your title says 'want to do better' I thought I'd add a couple of things here that WILL help you. There is a moderator on the sigames forum called Rashidi who has a YouTube channel 'Bust The Net' his videos are so damn helpful I recommend checking it out (he also has a let's play on the channel called 'The Torino Diaries' which has extra little tips in each episode so thats worth a watch). I'll link these 3 videos below (they are from FM 2016 but works just the same) all 3 are around 20 minutes but can help you when creating a tactic or simply help you spot flaws in your setup. (I had many problems in mine before watching these!) The dark arts of attacking football Winter Update Make the Best FM tactics Part 1 Winter Update Making the Best Tactics Part 2 Of course listen to Dr. Hook aswell he knows more than me
  14. Hello, So I'm looking to build a new PC for FM 2017. I'm wondering whether a Intel i5 66ook would be strong enough for FM (I like to run a pretty big player database) I'm guessing a graphics card isn't a big requirement for FM (I plan to use my current graphics card MSi GTX 970) But really I'm asking... do I need a bigger Processor or does the game require loads of RAM? (or both?) also is a SSD a requirement as well? thanks for reading Steve
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