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  1. FYI you've posted this in the FM2020 bugs forum, you may want to move this to the FM2021 section. ALSO, I'd recommend not to use logo, face packs and kits with the beta version. (they will probably ask you to try running the game with out them files loaded your save)
  2. I bought in 4 players and has happened every time on my save. I'll get to January and try signing someone (anyone) and see if I can get it to do that again. Sadly I've advanced my save too far now.
  3. I can click a gesture (pat on shoulder, shake hand etc...) But if I click on a conversation piece "can you welcome player X to the club and make him feel welcomed" the box doesn't activate so the choices are still there but I can only click 'Leave conversation' and nothing has happened (no player welcomed etc...)
  4. Hello, So I'm looking to build a new PC for FM 2017. I'm wondering whether a Intel i5 66ook would be strong enough for FM (I like to run a pretty big player database) I'm guessing a graphics card isn't a big requirement for FM (I plan to use my current graphics card MSi GTX 970) But really I'm asking... do I need a bigger Processor or does the game require loads of RAM? (or both?) also is a SSD a requirement as well? thanks for reading Steve
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