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  1. It is annual profit/loss that matters. You are allowed to go into the red during the year as long as you get prize money/tv revenue etc at the end of the season to earn it back. If you are selling players to ensure your finances are always green you will find that you earn more profit than you expect and the divident payout could be higher. As people have said if it is literally failing your FFP and stuff then something is going wrong. No board is going to award dividends that so obviously screws the club over like that.
  2. "Plenty of other leaders in the dressing room" seems to work well with me. Only works when you have a few highly influential that will be good enough to step in as leaders.
  3. I have often wondered how hard it would be/how long it would take me to get "Britain" going as a thing. British leagues system rather than the countries seperately. But also all the players being British and a UK national team. Then sorting out all the competitions. Could set up a regional cup competition instead of the league cup perhaps. With a super league for the winners from each nation. A UK wide FA cup and an expanded league system. Would involve a lot as all the nationalities of players would have to be changed (or eligibilitiy at least). I often wonder if I will do it. Such a big job though.
  4. Key if I am just playing the game, gets through the games nice and quickly still with the jeopardy of whether it is a goal or not. You do start recognising patterns of goals/near misses though. Not one for the tacticians though.
  5. The competition reputations would change. You would have to stay on top of what was important at any given time. Perhaps you would have to wait until tactical innovations had been 'invented' before you could use them. What about rule changes (offside for example or backpasses) they change the nature of football. Equipment those heavy old leather balls. This game could be so deep. But as people have said pie in the sky.
  6. Sounds like a great game. Human players would always have the advantage of knowing what is coming up though (knowing in advance when players start going proffesional or when major money boosts are coming etc). But still would love to see it.
  7. If we had real British commentary the grammar would be far worse.
  8. Yep I was 16 for 08 and 19 for 11 single student bum time!
  9. Isn't this what PPMs are for? Ie a player with 'cuts inside from right' played as a winger will still choose to cut inside as well. I know they don't work well all the time and some of them are close to broken but I think this is their function. What the player is likely to 'think for himself.
  10. This is an advantage of attribute masking, that you can't just produce a list of the fastest strikers in the world immediately on day 1. In my opinion I like that the player search is very limited at the start of the game as for me that should represent the managers knowledge and not the clubs knowledge. Club knowledge is shared through scouting, DoF recommendations, affiliates etc. I think it is more realistic and more difficult this way.
  11. Problem is that if he is good enough to get 100 appearances surely he will be snapped up by another club before that time actually comes.
  12. Want to get to know the players a bit more to be honest. Might give it up if I get bored.
  13. I have decided I want to manage my U23 and U18 teams. In the staff responsibilities section this does not seem to be an option for me. Do I have to sack the U18 and U23 manager to do this or is there an option somewhere I don't know about?
  14. Would this be improved if rather than it be red, orange and green it was all shades of a green? Would it be better if more roles were seen as pretty good? I think that the main issue is when it makes players look like complete lemons (red dots and barely touched circles) in a position they are sort of ok for stats wise. Perhaps the default option should be a half filled in circle for all players in all positions but then if a player is particularly poor at specific attributed then a position indicator can be lowered.
  15. I can find improvement slows when getting towards the top of the pyramid. If you are playing with the transfer market it will just take a couple of windows to improve the squad to a level where you are stronger than opponents. If it is tactical, use your best players as a priority, make sure every part of the pitch has somebody to defend it and think about how you intend to score goals. Only make small tactical changes and make them gradually.
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