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    Static cheering on Only Commentary

    Thanks a lot @Isaac Simmons. I hope for a fast solution.
  2. Gkn

    Static cheering on Only Commentary

    Is anyone there who can help me to solve this problem? Is this already a known issue by SI ? Or is this a failure of my PC ? Help please!
  3. There is only a static cheering crowd on Only Commentary (no highlights). It does no matter if a goal falls etc. There is only the same static crowd sound. I want to hear the crowd cheer, when we score a goal etc. This issue ruins the game for me. It make's no fun, to play the Game whit this broken Sound.
  4. I wanted to ask if somebody else also has the same problem. In Only Commentary (no highlights etc.) there is only a static cheering crowd. It does not matter if a goal falls, the ball bounces against the post, a goal is denied or a red card is shown. And sometimes there is no Sound while playing matches, the crowd sound(static) goes on and off, only in the Tactic screen, when I turn the Highlights on, during the Highlights is the crowd sound normal. In FM 17 it wasn't a Case. Has anyone else has this problem? or am I the only one. I like hearing the crowd cheer when we score a goal. I just think it's stupid that the audio is so broken. This issue ruins the immersion. - I Updated my graphic card, sound card - No Headphone - Install and reinstall the Game I hope you find a solution for the Only Commentary Mode.