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  1. Hey @Hugo Mendes Albino, I have an other question. Is it possible to play FM 2019 with Only Commentary (No highlights turned on etc.) like the older CM/FM's with all the Sound effects (Goal Sound during the Flash)? Or is it duty to play in 3D or 2D and with Highlights to hear the Sound effect's? I have tried a lot, but nothing helped. Cheers, Gkn
  2. I also installed the latest drivers for the graphic card. However, as already described above, nothing has changed.
  3. Hey @Hugo Mendes Albino, I have deleted the cache and the preferences, as described. However, the goal, shot, referee whistle, post and cheer effects are still not heard. Still the static fan jubilation from start to end of the match. It makes no difference whether a goal falls or something else happens only the same noise. But when I during the match, change to the tactic screen, I hear everything normal.
  4. @Hugo Mendes Albino, Yes, I have the latest audio drivers installed. Also I have no troubles with other games. DxDiag.txt
  5. Hi @Hugo Mendes Albino, firtst of all many thanks for the quick response. After deleting the cache and preferences folders, nothing has changed. Still the same. Only Static cheering crowed in only Commentary and no goal cheers and other effects. Only in 3D everything is as it should be. However, I play CM/FM for years with Only Commentary. But for the first time I have this problem and it ruined my playing fun. I really hope for a quick fix and I would be very grateful for other suggestions to solve this problem.
  6. Can anyone please help me? I can't hear any Sound while playing the game in Only Commentary. There is only a static cheer all the match. - No Goal Sound - No Shoot effect - No post effect etc. like in other Version's of Football Manager. Is this a issue of the Game? Because when I show the replays there are the Crowed Sound goal effect etc. Also in 3D with highlight's is the Sound normal. But when I want to Play with Only Commentary (no replays) like in the old FM times, no Sound etc. only static cheering of the crowd. And that kills the gameplay for me. So is this a Game issue or is there an issue with my PC ? I would be very grateful if someone could help me.
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