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  1. 2 hours ago, Feriboy2 said:

    LOL, that button just brings up the bug report forum in the brower :D

    I thought that but as I haven't played the game in a few years I wasn't 100% sure.

    2 hours ago, pats said:

    What else were you expecting. Send a personal text and snapchat to the dev with detailed bug report? :D


    The same as in a lot of games, it asks you to describe the bug/problem also an option were you just hit an 'upload' button so you can upload your save to the bug report.

    It really would be a lot better not just for the players but also for SI for getting more reports, a lot of players are put off reporting bugs and problems as they have to jump through hoops to do so, also not everyone even knows how to upload their saves and can't be bothered to learn.

    Anyway I don't see it changing soon, I'm pretty sure it gets brought up every year, at least it did when I was playing the game.

  2. On 07/11/2019 at 09:45, RiverReveal666 said:


    Idea: During the beta and even in the main game have an ingame bug report feature. A match has been played, something considered a bug has been spotted, there is a little bug report icon on the post match screen. Dialouge box enabling user to explain the issue and add time stamps, press send and a PKM has been sent to the same dev team that will be looking through the bug report thread. Personally I would make use of that process and find it more intuitive than the current process. 

    Just an idea, but after reading through this thread I do sympathise with people who are leaving feedback and then being told its not enough. 

    This has been suggested years ago but never added to the game, I remember a lot of years ago I asked for it to be added as a lot of games actually have it during a beta.
    MMO games have it all the time so you can report a bug as soon as you see one.

    No idea why it's never been added to FM, as you say, a lot of players are put off with having to upload saves etc.

    I remember the old Steam forums, players would come on there to report bugs and if anyone from SI stopped by, which wasn't very often, they would get told to make an account here and upload the save, I doubt many if any did that.

  3. In all my years of playing I've for the first time got a lower league side unbeaten for an entire year, pretty chuffed with it, given how crap I am at other games .... see the off topic forum....
    I thought I would take a screenshot as I suspected Chelsea would end that in the FA cup quarters, they did just that with a 3-0 win, I did actually beat 2 EPL sides on the way to the quarters though.


  4. Read the edit, and realise would be able =/= will always roll out more, as there are far more factors at play.

    Again that is not what SI said, Si made it sound like they would release updates and if there was still issues they could better work on it with the feedback given from the player base and then release further updates.

    This release is basically the same as years ago when they released a pre-Christmas update and then we got the final update.

  5. They roll out more hotfixes than they have done previously. A major update still takes time. They can certainly rollout more internal and closed beta updates a lot more quickly, and thats where moving to steam really shines. What removes a lot of testing and dev is taking something to a release candidate.

    They do get feedback, from the many closed beta testers they always have (you think beta testing stops with the main release? Not a chance).

    I have beta/alpha tested many games and I know what happens before and after release, that is not what we were talking about.

    Maybe I just had my hopes a bit too high that SI were going to release more updates than pre-Steam, in fact I am sure they did up until this version, maybe that tells it's own story.

    I still find 2 months with no updates or hotfixes a bit much when you consider that was 1 of the main points of moving to Steam, also after that 2 months players are just told either play it as it is or don't play it.

  6. Steam makes it easier to roll out a demo. It at no point changes how its put together, coded, and developed. They still take time. You can roll out an update instantly, like they always do. But if something takes two months to fix, it still take two months fix. People need to worry less about how devs do their work when they dont have enough of the relevant details.

    With all respect here TMS, SI themselves had said that was the biggest point in moving to Steam, it was so they could add more updates and then change them once they got feedback.

    The game went 2 months with no updates until the final update and then players were told, "if you want to play the game just play it as it is".

  7. I was all in favour of the game going on Steam and giving up the choice of being able to go back to a previous version of the game.

    With it going on Steam SI had said that the game could then get more updates and hotfixes as it was of course easier.

    This year that was not so, we got an update a week before Christmas and then nothing until the final update and now there are no more planned updates.

    I would actually say this is a bit poor from SI, no updates for 2 months even though this was 1 of the plus points on moving to Steam, also now with still quite a few problems with the game no more updates are planned.

    I honestly thought moving to Steam was a great step as they could release an update and then get the feedback and release any hotfixes or updates as were needed, 2 months with nothing was not what I was expecting.

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