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  1. Two questions: 1. I realise that the way to find dual-nationals is to look for players' "second nationality" and then sort by nationality. I have found one player like that. But there is at least one more that I know of that was not on that list. Are there any other ways of finding these dual-nationals? 2. I have a dual-national playing for me on a club-level, but he has declared for Belgium. Is there really no way of trying to convince him to change his mind, seeing as he's only played U21 matches, and is nowhere near the Senior team? Thanks!
  2. All right, thanks. Really didn't notice this when I signed him and it's strange that it doesn't say anywhere once I have. Now that you mention it, I remember that... Cool detail, although not great for me this time The signing happened very fast and was conducted by my sporting director, so I apologise for the oversight
  3. He started as a free agent, and his full name is Pétur Viðarsson
  4. I tried that but it just takes me to the attributes screen and does not provide any explanation regarding his unavailability. He has not played any games for any team this season. He is "unavailable" for all of my games, down to the last game of the coming league season.
  5. Sorry, makes sense. I'm in my first season with KR (Iceland). He was a free agent from FH, and only played with them last season (not this). I'm currently in the pre-season stage and playing league cup, so I don't see why he would not be registered.
  6. I signed a free agent but he is now unavailable for all the matches scheduled for this season. There is no registration issue (as far as I can tell) so could someone please help me? He's supposed to be a first-team player...
  7. yeah of course, there has to be the other side of it
  8. Having struggled with striker issues for the entirety of my career at NEC Nijmegen I finally found my man. I've gotten a pretty good system going but have still struggled to find that advanced forward to complete it. I got a half decent striker for free in the summer and then got a £2m bid for him in January so did not hesitate to accept. I wanted to buy Erick Torres of Houston Dynamo. I asked my board for more money to buy him, stressing that this was the player to take us forward. They said 'no way, too expensive'. I sold off another player and bought Torres for £4.1m. He's been banging them in ever since! Long story short: there should be a feature in the game where i tell my chairman that he was wrong (if there isnt one already). would create another dynamic to the game, IMO. maybe i'm wrong and just riding this high
  9. thanks i also saw this when i started writing down my thinking process. totally at odds with what my tactics were... i adjusted and i'm already scoring and winning games again. i do still have the same midfield formation and it does actually work like i said. the bbm is my top scorer doing exactly that.
  10. just writing all that down, i realised that i was being an idiot and incredibly reactive. i've made a number of changes and the last two games have been much better. we'll see how this goes... thanks for letting me rant
  11. yeah its a bit hectic at the moment, and that is certainly part of the problem today. but like i said, this has been an issue for 18 months. this tactic was created with the intention of, like you said, keep it tight at the back and build play mainly through the middle. our playmaker was supposed to be the main distributor of the ball, playing it to our three attackers: 1 forward and 2 wingers which should cut inside, as well as cross. this would then be complemented by a more direct approach of our box-to-box midfielder, who would take more shots from outside the area, as well as to provide the running. the full-backs are then also needed when the wingers play a more inside role, providing the more wide play for our striker to head in the goals. the passing, ideally, should be shorter as we build up, but have the option of the early cross. in defence, i prefer us to pressure the opponents, and make the tackles we need. i don't mind getting cards if we get a clean sheet. this is also why i have the DM, so we don't stretch our defence too much when we press. this has worked fairly well so far. we don't really concede too many. i also have the other striker, Mana, who was an experiment more than anything. he was meant to be more of a 'ball-playing' forward who would perhaps be a bit further back. the wingers just haven't been attacking enough to make that a viable option. plus, he's injured quite a lot. but all of this has been muddled in the past months. this is mostly due to the fact that, when i take on small/middle teams, i start by shoring up the defence, and then begin expanding our attacking play. this year was supposed to be our more expansive year, as i added a more attacking philosophy to our tactics, but its just not worked at all. usually i've been able to find a striker that can, at the very least, be a poacher and get some goals, but not even this is working.
  12. Sorry, wasn't really thinking here are a bunch of screenshots of players and tactics
  13. I'm currently halfway through my 2nd season at NEC Nijmegen and I'm having some tactical issues. I have developed an affinity to a 4-2-3-1 formation, and have used it throughout my FM career since the late 00s. This game, however, is not really playing ball and so I come to you for help. My first season was all right. I played a counter-attacking style, as I attempted to retain possession with short passing and tight marking. At home, especially against the big sides, this worked brilliantly. Away from home, or against sides where we should've won, we never managed to control the game, or even score. My top scorer finished with around 7 goals (in all competitions). I concluded that my striker was completely useless, as there was a younger kid who, when I gave him the chance, did brilliantly. So I sold my main striker, brought in two new ones and waited for the goals to come. This season has been worse...My two new strikers have failed to take their chance, only scoring in cup games against smaller opposition. I have changed my tactics to a more control-based system, with more direct passing and wider play, so as to accommodate my talented wingers and tall poacher, but to no avail. I just simply cannot score... And to make matters worse, my useless striker from last season is banging them in at his new club (relegation battlers). My defense isn't overly amazing, but have been fairly solid over the past 18 months, and my midfield is based around a defensive midfielder, a runner/box-to-box player, and an advance playmaker type. My two wingers prefer to be inside forwards, but aren't overly effective like that. Finally, my striker is an advance forward. I've tried playing around with these settings but it doesn't really work. Do you have any experience with this sort of problem? And if so, how did you turn it around? Alternitively, do you know of a free-scoring tactic I could take a look at? Thanks
  14. I'm trying to offload some of my players but when I receive a bunch of offers in one they are all rejected automatically. my sporting director is not supposed to be doing it and it doesnt say that the board is doing it...has anyone else had the same thing happen to them?
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