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  1. Ok thanks. I just decided to fix it myself using the editor, at least for my team. Its very annoying tbh.
  2. Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but what's the deal with the U19 setup this year in Iceland in the game? Why is the u19 team an affiliate club that can't get players from the senior side other than via a loan move? If anyone has an easy fix, I'd greatly appreciate the help!
  3. Two questions: 1. I realise that the way to find dual-nationals is to look for players' "second nationality" and then sort by nationality. I have found one player like that. But there is at least one more that I know of that was not on that list. Are there any other ways of finding these dual-nationals? 2. I have a dual-national playing for me on a club-level, but he has declared for Belgium. Is there really no way of trying to convince him to change his mind, seeing as he's only played U21 matches, and is nowhere near the Senior team? Thanks!
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