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  1. Thanks for the reply, i will check them again when Im back on my PC. Appreciate it. The imgur link should have multiple images with one of them showing my team instructiom from TI screen.
  2. Hello and thanks for the help guys. I changed around some roles again because our away form against top 6 was pretty bad before I could read your replies. Normally I would be more cautious with my tactic and roles and have them take a lot of less risk, but because of united 200m€ spending every season, they've forced my hand to do the same, and I basically have fully capped, world class and Ballon'dor contenders in every position thus I gave them some role with a bit of more risk, because I felt for example one of my midfielders did not contribute much in final third even tho he is basically Modric in my save. For the Sweeker Keeper Attack role, the reason I chose this (even though I used Support or defend duty on him) is he doesn't come out for the ball. Over the top balls are a big problem for me because of slow defenders, and by changing the GK to attack duty I thought maybe he will stay higher up and possibly go for the ball a bit more because distance from ball and players going for it seems to be a weird thing in the ME. I also noticed occasionally since he has good passing we caught out a lot of teams off guard by him making precise passes to my wide players who then create a chance, since most teams park the bus against me, having these moments can mean win/lose/draw. But he usually passes to my backline as per the PI. If that is not how the Attack duty will work in reality, let me know. For my Winger, he has cut inside PPM, which I've read somewhere works well to counter Wingers one dimensial running pattern. He has been doing really well and with through balls he is unstoppable due his 19 pace and 19 dribbling and just runs from people. I could use a different role here as this one is not 100% sure for me, but I made some tweaks to tactic yesterday and made my left back Inverted to help the middle and the winger provide with until he cuts inside, but again im not 100% if the winger is right role, so Im open to suggestion on what to use here, considering I have a world class wide player here. As for the possession.. i forgot to mention in OP that i rather have more passes than possession in the match stats. I've played game where I've had 60% possession but opponent making more passes than me.. does this mean my players just hold on to the ball? All my midfield except one maybe has tries killer passes, to unlock defenses. They have all 17+ in passing and vision those who have this trait. I forgot to mention in OP that possession is more of a bonus for me. I only want to have it on my side of pitch. When we arrive closer to opponent I want to have runners that get picked out by passes into space, or provide short options until someone can find a space, and keeping possession in that area is not as important. Its kinda hard to explain i will post the new "tactic" when Im on my pc, but I feel i got a better balance this time perhaps. Edit: https://imgur.com/a/5aDqnNX the new tactic i tried.
  3. Hello, I would appreciate some help. I am playing as man city in 2030 and I have all these years played with them and kept the same formation (4-2-3-1). I am trying to create a tactic kind of similar to Pep's man city currently (i've seen the pep replicate thread) but with some tweaks that match my philosophy. I want to play posession football and high scoring games. I want to build from the back and have the "do not lose the ball" mentality until I reach the final third. In the final third i want to utilise my players in midfield and flanks (which has amazing passing/technique/vision) to play passes that can open their defences, i.e through ball, one-two's, to my winger, who then crosses to my striker/runner from midfield. All in all, I think basically what I want is Pep's man city type of style or perhaps Napoli's (Sarri's) style where I can control the game and keep possession and open up defences with passes to flanks/space/behind defense to a runner who then either ideally is 1v1 with keeper or free on the flanks to get a low cross in. Currently I am seeing a lot of situations where I can't keep posession properly (analysis says I lose the ball a lot in central areas also), strikers not clinical enough in certain games even tho that striker is 2x ballon'dor winner and basically Messi of this generation with 50+ goals each season, them crossing it high instead of low to my players in box, shooting from wide areas and long range etc. Since ive used this tactic for almost 10+ years and won CL 5x, PL 6x, bunch of cups etc I've switched probably all the roles and duties at some point. For example my DM used to be a half back, anchorman, or even defensive mid. Central midfielders used to be CM (A/S), B2B, RPM etc. so I've tried all different combination through the years and even in one season I had 49 game unbeaten run (could not beat arsenals record which was also at 49 -.-) but without actually playing football the way I want. Maybe I saw that once or twice every 10 game where they would play like i want.
  4. Thanks for the replies jommelb and cleon. I realize the tactic image I posted is actually not the tactic I'd use normally, sorry for that. Reason is, I've watched many games with different roles and the last game I played I must have ended up with those roles. Usually I play wingbacks if I have inside forwards or IWB and Wingers, as to have option on the width and stretch the opponent. I also turn the balanced witdh TI usually to use the whole pitch to stretch opposition. My RCM has mostly had the DLP-S or CM-A/S role depending on opponent and the striker is usually DPF or CF but lately I've found more success with TM, since I have a very good guy there. I don't want to replicate Pep's team, but one way to see how I want to play is to heavily rely on brilliant passers to create CCC. For example, KDB/David Silva sometimes with a single pass opens up the opponent with an extremely good pass, that is inch perfect. I want from deeper or outside the box to get through balls inside behind their defensive line to ideally my wide players who then in turn cross. My rage regarding the players shooting comes mainly from this actually because whenever I managed to get through on and towards the line, my players (or everyones, since I've seen people complain about it) shoot instead of squaring it in to Sane, Saul, my ST or others making a run, which would result in a goal 99% of the time, having only an open goal to beat. Basically think both making through balls to wide areas or behind the defence utilizing my midfielders brilliant passing skills. I also want to press the opponent heavily ONLY when losing the ball very high up in the middle but I've not managed to make that work, which I suppose where my IWB would come in, press the opponent after losing the ball high up on central areas. Trust me, I am very open minded and have read probably every guide for FM18 here including this guide, but I do have memory of a goldfish so I may have to re-read, again. Sorry for coming off as a sarcastic jerk, please understand I did not mean any offence and it is because of my short temper and inability to understand certain aspects of football and ME, and thus always looking for a spacegoat. Whilst I may sound sarcastic I take every bit of advice and see how it works for me from you guys. Edit: One of the reasons I've used Mez is to make him run where my IF would be initially after moving more centrally and have my IWB take up the Mez position, but I realise that may be too much to ask for or completely the wrong way to go on about
  5. If they're not gonna want to look into this and potenially improve this ascept of ME, they should add an option to forbid a player from takikg shouts outside the box. I am the manager and if the players shoot when specifically told NOT to, I am going to have to force my hand. But of course this is just a problem with our tactic and players, not the ME.
  6. I am trying to fine tune my tactic but I am quite at a loss after doing the best I can, and was wondering if anyone can give me some additional help from here on out. My strategy is dominating games and playing attacking football, and want to play a style which relies heavily on passes, mainly though balls. Long or short through balls, I want that to be up to the player to decide since I have lots of creative and good passer in midfield. Ideally, I want players to pass the ball around outside the opponents box patiently and playing through balls out wide or in the half spaces on a runner, then getting crosses in to my strikers and late runners into the box, either a tall guy or short guy. Problems I am having is players doing stupid shots out on the sides or outside the box. As a rage quit reaction, I decided to take every single player in my squad and give the PPM "Look for passing rather than shooting" and I think it helped somewhat, but I do get a lot of shots anyway. I suppose Pep Guardiola's style is somewhat similar. I checked out the Pep's man city thread but I am a bit unsure as that it replicating instead of creating my own tactic with similar philosophy to Pep. I play as Man City (the team I support in RL) and having won most cups and the league a couple of times, but I still can't seem to create the tactic that I want. My tactic: https://imgur.com/a/7lXGO I have experimented a lot with the midfield and attack, but I am a bit unsure. Recently I've tried a Mezzalla, but usually I would use DLP-S or CM-S/A. All my midfielders have more risky passes, BBM has run into channels. The halfback DM seems to be a decent way for me to help with the defense, as I don't seem to concede a lot of goals and keep a lot of clean sheets.
  7. I get the ME is trying to tell you that the tactic isnt working by instructing every player to disobey the manager and shoot from ridicioulous distances and angles, but I find it extremely borderline BS. If this were to happen in real life the manager would tell the players to simply don't shoot. What you would then get is players holding on to the ball waiting patiently for an oppurtunity or similar, not players continuing to disobey. I think the sideline "more concentration" option should make the players re-evulate their PI and TI and stop taking silly shots. There is also a limit on how much can be blamed on tactics and not the ME. Clearly the ME doesn't deal well with shoot/pass visual implementation.
  8. I see, thanks! I suppose I could do with a space investigator role if I aim to make killer passes from central areas to wide areas which in turn is cut in and score or put crosses in whilst the players making killer balls run inside the box and trying to overload the box.
  9. Hey, thanks for the guide, it is good read. Cleon does direct passing mean meaningless passes as in long balls like in premier league or more risk in regards to through balls? I want possession football where I dominate teams in possession whilst everyone stays in positions so all players know where their teammates is, then relying on my midfielders to provide killer balls to create chances. Kind of like David Silva and Kevin De bruyne. Basically keep ball and open up the defence with through balls. Would I choose more direct passing? Does more direct passing mean more risky passes and long balls that can be considered as killer balls, or is more direct better suited for long balls to fast players and target men? I don't want to limit my players to useless short passes if they see an opening or a pass that can create a CCC.
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