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  1. Any chance this will be possible in the IGE again like in previous FM's? Bit of a game breaker when using lower league custom databases made by others. Often kits and title bars are a default blue. I'm used to change that in IGE when I come across one of these clubs as an opponent, gradually getting most of the colours right. To do it al in PGE is a mammoth task when playing lots of pyramids down to the bottom leagues.. I actually bought the FM19-IGE exclusively for this purpose just to find that this functionality doesn't seem to work in FM19.... :-(
  2. I started a career in Northern Irish 7th level (database by claassen), Stadium capacity 500 and IRL just a stretch of grass. Appears in 3d match as a 4 side all covered stadium that looks likt is could hold at least 10.000 spectators.. I did notice some lower leages actually have standless stadiums like one would expect at that level, but not the Northern Irish ones so it seems. I think I have to quit my NI-career... I don't think these stadiums are editable, changing capacity has no effect.
  3. Anyone notice changing kit colours doesn't affect the colour of the title bar like it used to in previous FM's? I guess thisis a bug. I used that function a lot when playing custom databases where ever so often default blue is used in stead of the real club colours. Would really miss this functionality.
  4. Very nice skin opz, but somehow my top left logo's are very small. Any way I can fix this? Ah, found it out already. It was the side panels set to small that cropped the logo.
  5. Nice skin, but how do ik get the logo's in the top left corner as big as the ones in your preview pics?
  6. EDIT: The default club crests do seem to change colour accordingly when editing kit-colours. It's just the title-bar that doesn't.
  7. When editing kit coulours it doesn't change club coulours like the former in-game editors did. Anyone else experience this problem? Is it a bug? Annoying when using custom databases where all coulours are default blue-white. I like to edit all kits and club colours in my league according to real life. Kits work, but club colours (tekst bar) doesn't. This in in fact all I use the in-game editor for. Would be a dissapointing waste of 5 euro's.
  8. Silly thing SI brags about obtaining the licences for the Bundesliga (fantastic new feature), and simultaneously drops Liga.3 due to licencing issues (without any anouncements in that area before beta-release). Furthermore I still think that stadiums in lower leagues are way too big. Only Denmarks lowest league has some standless sides as far as I have tried. For example Northern Ireland bottom division, Swedish lowest league, pretty much as low as you can go, all have 4 side covered stands. Check out a club like Bolnäss GIF in Sweden and compare the stadium FM invented for them and then check their accomodation in real life. It doesn't have to look exactly like the real thing off course, but I think you can see my point. A capacity 1000 accomaodation, hardly a stand to be seen, resulting in a 4-side covered stadium in FM that looks like it can hold at least 8000 spectators. Same goes for FM18 by the way, every release I hope it gets better, and every release the dissapointment. Takes the fun out of lower league management for me. Hope this get fixed before release or editable in in-game editor. Would rather manage somewhere else than in Danish lower leagues (for realisms sake) for a change... Thanx!
  9. I must say this addition seems pretty useless. We have a digital game here, so VAR or goal line technology is standard, it has been in the game since the CM days, just not in the form that you notice it. The pc doesn't make mistakes, so a goal is counted only when the ball has passed the goal line, and offside is offside. Apart from the time it seems to consume, pretty annoying when you have seen it happen a couple of times I think, somehow SI has to have made the ref, a digital entity unable to make mistakes, error from time to time to be able to let VAR overrule him. Fluff in my modest opinion and hardly something to brag about as a fantastic new feature. I really don't see the point. And if you still want to add VAR for 'realisms sake', make it quick (drop the animation or make it easily droppable in preferences). The match animation posted seems pretty lame, no improvement in stadium and supporters that sit and stand simultaniously while the ref checks the VAR seems rather silly...
  10. Nice skin with good tranparency for a custom background pic, Many thanks!
  11. Hmm, keeps getting stranger, Kubi. Now I have your one stand stadiums, but the landscape is missing.. I suppose your file has nothing to do with the surrounding landscape, does it? EDIT: Your older files V1 and V3 do work, with landscape. Sad thing the deleted stands make barren concrete, with fences or walls abrubtly being cut off. Also the player-tunnel is a grey square without terracing. V2 gives the same landscapeless result as your most recent file but with two stands. Much better than 4 big stands though!
  12. I tried two and they were the same. Its not grey like pavement, and not just behind the goals. There's grey everywhere as if no background/stadium was generated. Just sky and grey all over the surface around the pitch as far as the eye can see. I do still have a packed and unpacked simatchviewer on my desktop, maybe something is clashing? I'll try again after removing those. EDIT: Didn't work. Still a pitch floating in grey, also with your newest file. I tried switching between your 0-1000 folder and the original one (all inside the data/stadium-folder). And all your versions result in a pitch with nothing but dark grey. I switch back to the original and I get the ridiculously large stadium I started with, including landscape, again. That seems to point to something in your 0-10000 folders I guess. Apart from your brave attempt to solve this problem it's a silly thing SI never thought of small stadiums. One category for stadiums below 10000 capacity, which is quite big imo, is very little variety. Should have been separated in many more capacities (like 0-500, 500-1000, 1000-2500, 2500-5000, 5000-10000). Sad thing which is a possible game breaker for lower league managers.
  13. Thanks but I still can't seem to get it right, still grey where surroundins should be. I think I followed your steps correctly but must have missed something: - I copied simatchviewer to my desktop and unpacked it (also to my desktop) with the archiver. I renamed the fmf 'simatchviewer original' to be safe. - I replaced the 0-10000 in stadium-folder with yours. - I copied the simatchviewer folder (unpacked and with your 0-10000) in the game directory and deleted simatchviewer.fmf. - started FM18 and deleted cashe in preferences. What did I miss?
  14. Thanks, do I need to start a new career for it to be effective? For my savegame it results in pitches with no surroundings or stands at all, just grey matter..
  15. I'd like to use this mod, but where do I find this resource archiver? I have no idea where to look for it and what it does. Thanks.
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