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  1. Nice skin with good tranparency for a custom background pic, Many thanks!
  2. Hmm, keeps getting stranger, Kubi. Now I have your one stand stadiums, but the landscape is missing.. I suppose your file has nothing to do with the surrounding landscape, does it? EDIT: Your older files V1 and V3 do work, with landscape. Sad thing the deleted stands make barren concrete, with fences or walls abrubtly being cut off. Also the player-tunnel is a grey square without terracing. V2 gives the same landscapeless result as your most recent file but with two stands. Much better than 4 big stands though!
  3. I tried two and they were the same. Its not grey like pavement, and not just behind the goals. There's grey everywhere as if no background/stadium was generated. Just sky and grey all over the surface around the pitch as far as the eye can see. I do still have a packed and unpacked simatchviewer on my desktop, maybe something is clashing? I'll try again after removing those. EDIT: Didn't work. Still a pitch floating in grey, also with your newest file. I tried switching between your 0-1000 folder and the original one (all inside the data/stadium-folder). And all your versions result in a pitch with nothing but dark grey. I switch back to the original and I get the ridiculously large stadium I started with, including landscape, again. That seems to point to something in your 0-10000 folders I guess. Apart from your brave attempt to solve this problem it's a silly thing SI never thought of small stadiums. One category for stadiums below 10000 capacity, which is quite big imo, is very little variety. Should have been separated in many more capacities (like 0-500, 500-1000, 1000-2500, 2500-5000, 5000-10000). Sad thing which is a possible game breaker for lower league managers.
  4. Thanks but I still can't seem to get it right, still grey where surroundins should be. I think I followed your steps correctly but must have missed something: - I copied simatchviewer to my desktop and unpacked it (also to my desktop) with the archiver. I renamed the fmf 'simatchviewer original' to be safe. - I replaced the 0-10000 in stadium-folder with yours. - I copied the simatchviewer folder (unpacked and with your 0-10000) in the game directory and deleted simatchviewer.fmf. - started FM18 and deleted cashe in preferences. What did I miss?
  5. Thanks, do I need to start a new career for it to be effective? For my savegame it results in pitches with no surroundings or stands at all, just grey matter..
  6. I'd like to use this mod, but where do I find this resource archiver? I have no idea where to look for it and what it does. Thanks.
  7. It's a returning annoyance: Stadiums in 3d. I've seen sides with no stands in lower league in FM18, which is a big plus compared to FM17. But I've just started out in 7th tier Northern Ireland (how low can you go) and my 500-capacity ground has 4 covered stands. And not four 125-capacity stands. Doesn't the 'stadium generator' use capacity to determine how it looks? I can't find anything in editor to adjust this. I'm quitting this NI job as I can't stand these four large stands, which is disappointing to say the least.
  8. Doesn't work for me? Still no in-game editor pencil..
  9. Not sure if this is mentioned before, but I have stumbled on this a couple of times: In the new team talk item "We're 2nd and they are 12th, lets show them why!", the rankings were incorrect in a couple of occasions. Also one time it said "We're 14th, they're 6th, lets show them why!". Not the pep talk the players were hoping for I guess. ;-)
  10. Due to league regulations (home grown or something) I was forced to bring on my reserve goalkeeper (my only substitute) as a field player as my left winger got injured. Funny thing was he wore his goalkeeper kit. Must be a bug.
  11. ommerson

    Logo in standard kit editable?

    Hmmm, that's a shame. It seemed too much of a coincidence those badges are the same as the origonal one FM-chooses for a club (one of 6 default logo's). As they also match in custom leagues it seemed to me that there might be an xml-option there to asign those Thanx for your reply wkdsoul. Cheers.
  12. I noticed the standard badges on the standard kits are equal to the one FM choses for the particular club. I was wondering if, just like you can change the normal and small logo's of a club, the logo on the chest of the standard kits. Allthough small, it would make the standard kit look more realistic in club overview. There must be a link between the club logo's and the kit-badges. I'm looking for the magic xml-word to get the small logo's on the kit change to the actual (small) logo. Club (normal) logo = 'club', Small logo = 'icon', Kit-badge = ???. Thanx
  13. ommerson

    [FM17] CFM Skin 2017 - v1.01D | v2.1D | v2.1L

    Looking good! Eagerly awaiting the the next update.
  14. I don't suppose they cheer also? ;-) Still all seems pretty difficult to get a grip on, stand-wise. Cregan seems to know what he's doing, but it's all rather complicated for the layman (like myself). I wonder why SI haven't made these editable by means of the pre-game, or preferably te in-game editor. A tool to choose types of stands for the different pitch sides, depending on total capacity, including a 'no-stand' option.