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  1. Logo in standard kit editable?

    Hmmm, that's a shame. It seemed too much of a coincidence those badges are the same as the origonal one FM-chooses for a club (one of 6 default logo's). As they also match in custom leagues it seemed to me that there might be an xml-option there to asign those Thanx for your reply wkdsoul. Cheers.
  2. I noticed the standard badges on the standard kits are equal to the one FM choses for the particular club. I was wondering if, just like you can change the normal and small logo's of a club, the logo on the chest of the standard kits. Allthough small, it would make the standard kit look more realistic in club overview. There must be a link between the club logo's and the kit-badges. I'm looking for the magic xml-word to get the small logo's on the kit change to the actual (small) logo. Club (normal) logo = 'club', Small logo = 'icon', Kit-badge = ???. Thanx
  3. [FM17] CFM Skin 2017 - v1.01D | v2.1D | v2.1L

    Looking good! Eagerly awaiting the the next update.
  4. I don't suppose they cheer also? ;-) Still all seems pretty difficult to get a grip on, stand-wise. Cregan seems to know what he's doing, but it's all rather complicated for the layman (like myself). I wonder why SI haven't made these editable by means of the pre-game, or preferably te in-game editor. A tool to choose types of stands for the different pitch sides, depending on total capacity, including a 'no-stand' option.
  5. Finally the smalles stand shows up. Thanx krlenjushka! Did you just bring the capacity down to <200? Wonder if the in-game editor allows for the stadiums to change when I alter capacity. @ cregan: Möron got promoted under my reign in FM15!
  6. [FM17] CFM Skin 2017 - v1.01D | v2.1D | v2.1L

    Yep, same here. No problem for me though, as I use icons only ;-)
  7. [FM17] CFM Skin 2017 - v1.01D | v2.1D | v2.1L

    Looks good, thanks Pikawa! Maybe you've not come to adjusting this yet, you are probably planning to do so in due time: Your title bar with the bend upwards near the 'continue' button is really charachteristic for your skin. Would be nice if you could implement that in every available screen (in 3d match aswell!). You can see the difference in 'presence' in the above post. All pics except the last have the CFM-title bar, which makes the last screen less 'strong' for some reason. Looking forward to the next update. And thumbs up for the stadium-pic suggestion above (in the way wkdsoul suggested).
  8. I like the idea of adjusting the json instead of deleting files. But as it's not really clear to me what the code in the json does exactly I'm not sure where to stick cregan's piece of code into the json file though. I thought I had it, but FM refuses to start after adjusting is so I probably pasted it in the wrong part of the json. I'll wait for a clear step by step 'custom stadiums for dummies' tutorial before making another attempt. Hopefully I'll get my brain around the code then..
  9. [FM17] CFM Skin 2017 - v1.01D | v2.1D | v2.1L

    Hi pikawa94. Just an idea, don't feel offended. I'm not sure if you have gotten to the player profile already. Any chance you can add kit with number/name to the player profile screen, while still keeping the attribute graph there? Something like Hliasap did in his "SQUAD NUMBER"-thread (on vitrex skin), but smaller (so you can keep the graph vitrex left out)? Seems like a nice addition to your, already very nice, skin. In your CFM skin some space seems to be available under the "concracted to.." text to maybe lower the graph and add a kit next to the pic. Or something like that. The small "best positions pitch+roles" looks like a good addition also btw. Thanx.
  10. Good to hear the field-swap worked out. In an efford to get a smaller stand I tried bringing the capacity of my stadium back to 200 in the in-game editor, but that doesn't seem to influence the look of my stand. I didn't dare to tweek the .Json file yet. Not sure how that works. Would be great to get the low roofed stand that is behind the goal in many FM lower league stadiums, cut it in half and place it on the long side of the pitch behind the dugouts (which I have releaved of the oddly out of place SEGA-logo's, simply by deleting those all together). Or get the stand with the side terracing and cut off the terraces. Wishful thinking probably...
  11. I found out yesterday that the field.sia of folder 'uk' actually contains this Industrial area type scenery I thought to be "street" or "city". You can see the map/plan of the scenery in the textures-folder. Strange, as if SI thinks Britain lacks rural scenery... Oh well, so now I pasted the n-europe field.sia over the uk version and that looks much more rural, although not especially British/Welsh. Furthermore I pasted the grassy textures from the stadiums/textures-folder over the 'concrete' and 'dirt' ones for more lower league feel (grass continued throughout the ground), but unfortunately the sceneries themselves involve a lot of concrete/pavement around the stadium. I guess that cannot be manipulated. By doing this grass-thing, the dirt and concrete textures will probably be extinct throughout the game, so not sure if thats acceptable for all gamers. As I probably spend a year of FM17 in the basements of football no issue for me though. The only thing that remains to be tackled is that, if you want to see spectators, you need a stand. Poeple in a no stand situation doesn't seem possible. The stand you get in map 0-10000/c/ is rather large for a non-league club (I don't think it is the smallest in the game) and the fact that it is pitch wide is a bummer aswell. The smaller stand (or the one with the teraces on the sides) is probably in some other folder in the 0-10000 and needs some trial&error te be found. I tried to swap a small behind goal stand (b-folder) with the stand behind the dug-outs (c-folder), but that resulted in a perpendicularly placed roof on top of a terrace, protruding over the pitch like a crane. Looked funny, but not the look I was after. So I'm back to my slightly too big stand on one side of the pitch. Maybe I should try adjusting capacities to make the smallest stands appear.. How how to crop a stand to become (far) less wide is something I'm not very confident about achieving, not with my knowledge of things at least. Sevestra or KUBI might have found a clue by now. Or perhaps it's not possible at all.
  12. Any luck with your tutorial yet, Sevestra? I'm trying to understand the things you (and Kubi) did and described in your previous posts, but I'm failing miserably.. I don't really get the general logic of the file- and code-structure. I'm sure your tutorial would help out a lot.
  13. [FM17] CFM Skin 2017 - v1.01D | v2.1D | v2.1L

    Great skin Pikawa, and if it is up to me you should leave the stadiums right where they are (sorry LCpl ;-)). Looks brilliant to me, especially for lower league. You can't have enough crappy lower league grounds show up in FM. These grounds may pop up on every page if I was in charge of things.
  14. Very much interested in that tutorial Sevestra. Sounds promising! And I'll try the field-street swap tonight Kubi.Edit: Didn't work somehow..