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  1. Question, I also started with Timo's megapack, I started in Oceania in Vanuatuan Lower Division (third tier). I only have the oceanic leagues loaded and will add leagues for the next continent when I get there. I am afraid if I add all these leagues it becomes really slow with so many leagues and so many players (I have 300k+ players too). Will this work or will this become a problem in the future? You have tested and restarted a couple of times so you might know.
  2. He is very well respected in the FM community, many of his database are used by many including FM content makers.
  3. @Rob Heckman Did you need to save seeing the point target is not because of the league?
  4. I do have it but I do not think it is relevant seeing It did not have anything to do with the competition. I got the point target set because I pissed off the board, I requested a new contract and they denied it so I subsequentally leaked it to the press. They where not very amused with me speaking negativly and almost got fired. Let me know if you still need a save before the point target. I would do back to mid of december seeing we have a winter break and in january, february and March we almost exclusivly play cups and barely any league games.
  5. Luckely I have regular save points, this is 2 games before I win the league, board is dissapointed een though I am first and very much ahead File Upload name: Schaan - Season 4 - Part 3 (2).fm
  6. After winning the play offs it still says I failed
  7. Ok so I am playing a custom database that lets me play the Swiss Lower League. I am 14 points ahead of the number 2 in the league and just won the competition. The board requirement for this year was to Challenge for 1e Ligue - group 3 which is my division. Despite winning to league easily in the club vision said during the season dissapointed while we were at top and now at the end of the league and wining the league it says I failed. It says that "The board are dissapointed that the team only won promotion from the 1e ligue - grp 3. I did not have this problem the previous season but in this division the rules are different, the winner does not win promotion directly but goes to a play off were the club can win promotion. Even so, it should not say dissapointing during the season and failed now that I have won the league. They should at least be pleased that I am on target for reaching the goals. Seems like the game is misinterpretating the league rules? File Upload name: Schaan - Season 4 - Part 4.fm
  8. Shame that you have Vaduz as Liechtenstein participant instead of winner of Liechtenstein cup
  9. There are a lot more countries that were not a member of UEFA https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UEFA#History_and_membership
  10. Would like to see Greenland done, previous FM's some have done it but not the proper structure of the league.
  11. If you are done with all the other leagues you want to do / have planned I'd like to see a Greenland database. There were a couple in previous FM's but they never had the correct structure etc
  12. The last competition game was 14 December the players went on break a whole 2 weeks later on 27th to come back 5th of January. Also bit weird that after the break it's a whole 3 weeks (25/1) before the cup competition begins. And as I said after the break I get some of the start of season things preseason fitness and code of conduct.
  13. Only one club, the winner of the Liechtensteiner cup qualifies for Europe League. The only way to qualify for the champions league is to win the Europe League
  14. There is a Christmas break during December but there is literally weeks between the last competition between the break and them actually going on break. Also after I come back I get messages like preseason fitness and code of conduct things I think you should only get at the start of a season?
  15. I already started a save and I do not want to have to start over just for the second qualification round
  16. I don't want to be a downer or complain but this year, like previous years the lower league lack realism in how it's set up sadly.
  17. I'm going to give it a go, I played a Liechtensteiner club in FM17 only in the database I played Vaduz always went to Europe no matter who won the Liechtensteiner cup so I gave up when I found out
  18. Would absolutly love that, I've done multiple games in FM17 in Gibraltar, i've been playing FM17 for 3 years and would love to play this.
  19. Top 9 goes through from the 10, I am 3rd so I should go through
  20. In my FM17 game in 2035 I finally have a chance to properly qualify for the European Championship after reaching the previous two European Championship true the nations league play off. Either way, I am in a pool of 6 countries so the results against the number last in the group gets scrapped for the second placed teams I know that. The nine best number two's from the ten go through. as you can see that I like other clubs have 13 points and still I am the one that is not qualifying for some reason. In the group I had more points, the points against the number last in my group gets removed in the Second Placed Team ranking. I played once against San Marino so in the group I had 16 points and in the Second Place teams I had thirteen that is correct but I am not sure why I then am the one country that is being left out.
  21. Yeah, I read On Wikipedia something about plans about qualifications through nations league for the World Cup so I was wondering about it
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