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  1. Question, I also started with Timo's megapack, I started in Oceania in Vanuatuan Lower Division (third tier). I only have the oceanic leagues loaded and will add leagues for the next continent when I get there. I am afraid if I add all these leagues it becomes really slow with so many leagues and so many players (I have 300k+ players too). Will this work or will this become a problem in the future? You have tested and restarted a couple of times so you might know.
  2. He is very well respected in the FM community, many of his database are used by many including FM content makers.
  3. Shame that you have Vaduz as Liechtenstein participant instead of winner of Liechtenstein cup
  4. There are a lot more countries that were not a member of UEFA https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UEFA#History_and_membership
  5. Would like to see Greenland done, previous FM's some have done it but not the proper structure of the league.
  6. If you are done with all the other leagues you want to do / have planned I'd like to see a Greenland database. There were a couple in previous FM's but they never had the correct structure etc
  7. The last competition game was 14 December the players went on break a whole 2 weeks later on 27th to come back 5th of January. Also bit weird that after the break it's a whole 3 weeks (25/1) before the cup competition begins. And as I said after the break I get some of the start of season things preseason fitness and code of conduct.
  8. Only one club, the winner of the Liechtensteiner cup qualifies for Europe League. The only way to qualify for the champions league is to win the Europe League
  9. There is a Christmas break during December but there is literally weeks between the last competition between the break and them actually going on break. Also after I come back I get messages like preseason fitness and code of conduct things I think you should only get at the start of a season?
  10. I already started a save and I do not want to have to start over just for the second qualification round
  11. I don't want to be a downer or complain but this year, like previous years the lower league lack realism in how it's set up sadly.
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