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  1. Same! I'm forever breaking my own rules. I had a Rangers save where I promised myself I wouldn't go over 30k a week wages... until my star man was wanted by half the european big dogs. Once I caved with him, they all wanted more! It's a slippery slope. On a serious note though, do you ever struggle against certain formations? The counter attacking, direct, long ball, Claudio Ranieri flat 442 has proven to be a nightmare for me. Any suggestions welcome
  2. Ah the exact same dilemma I had when buying him! But due to his ability to play any of the midfield roles, a host of other very desirable attributes, and the fact he was less than 5 million was enough to see past the lack of determination. Like you I also aim to see a player leave the club a better player than when he came. And despite the determination factor, I reckon this guy will be a far more complete player in a couple of years time. I like this way of looking at that role. I think I was expecting too much from this guy, hence trying out a more roaming sort of role. But the reality is there is plenty of movement ahead, and even more coming from the back in the shape of the full back. Sometimes less really is more in this game!
  3. Just came across this and read from start to finish, thanks for an enjoyable read @sporadicsmiles. It was almost as though I was reading a write up of my own FM style! These, along with real life tactical replications, are among my favourite topics on here. This again is very much my style. In most cases I play the same shape to you and see the midfield trio as key to how the tactic works. In my recent save (taking over a bottom of the table Wolves in December) I have created a very reliable and interchangeable midfield as shown (with the exception of Coady who is one of my two first choice CBs) Van de Beek and Bazoer brought in for 20 million, and 4.8 million respectively. The rest already at the club. Like you I'm never keen on big transfers and big wages, but van de Beek is pretty much my vision of a perfect midfielder so was worth the 20 million fee. One question I have though. Whilst my CMa is also my favourite role and set in stone, (young Gibbs-White is a demon here!) I sometimes struggle with the guy beside him. Like you I primarily play with a DLPs, but sometimes feel the (lack of) movement of the role stifles play a bit. Have you tried any other role in that position with any success? I tried both CMs and BBM but wasn't convinced either offered more than the DLPs. Similar with the DM strata, have you tried any other roles? Occasionally, with relative success, I have tried a HB in there when coming up against two strikers to offer my two CBs an extra man. Again, thanks for an enjoyable read and look forward to any more updates
  4. @beverage1982 great OP, love all the thought processes that get you to your final tactical system. Very similar to the way I approach the game. The update as well is a good read. I always relate more to the mistakes, and learning from them, than the immediate success stories. Anyway, regarding your dilemma. I don't know if you are an advocate of a one tactic fits all, or multiple versions of the same, or completely different tactics for different situations? I generally have a base tactic with one or two variations of that depending on opposition; their weaknesses vs my strengths, favourites or underdog, injuries etc. My latest save was a holiday til December and save the bottom club from a relegation dog fight type challenge. The club (surprisingly) bottom of the Prem was Wolves. I got to work and realised that there was an abundance of wide players all with different traits and preferred roles. My default My secondary The secondary is a very slight variation on the primary tactic, very few TI/PI differences, but using a different base shape and different types of wide players makes it perform very differently. Both variations effective in their own right. I personally think using non specific roles helps this as well. Rotating between Ruben Neves and young Gibbs-White in the CM(a) varies the attacking play due to differences in traits. Same applies to bog standard wingers and IFs. Similarly to you, I noticed that moving up the mentality spectrum when chasing a goal made for more varied (and better to watch) attacks. But this was the last 5/10 minute desperation attempts, I'm also far too reserved to play whole games above balanced/positive! But back to your original question, I do a bit of 1, 2, 3 and 4! In short, for me personally (depending on both pre-game, and in-game circumstances); shape changes to suit, roles change only occasionally, TIs change to suit, PIs generally remain the same, and mentality very rarely strays from balanced for me (purely because I don't fully understand all the implications of doing so ). But having such a basic set up allows me a bit of tinkering depending on circumstances. Generally having few TI/PI means it's easier for me to see what needs to be changed during a game. Really enjoyed the read and hopefully you enjoy some prolonged success in the Prem, good luck going forward!
  5. Farewell Plug and Play! @Y2Jones this is such an admirable approach, one I've tried to apply myself recently. Applying aspects of others approaches is also something I've done for years, there's nothing wrong with taking ideas from those much more tactically aware than ourselves. As Bruce Lee said, 'adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own' Once again, great post, enjoyable read, and looking forward to future updates
  6. Hi @slipperyjohns, really like your opening post. I'm a relative novice when it comes to tactics, and like you tried playing with two strikers. Initially had the same as you with an AF/TM combo, which was to accommodate a target man in my side, but having watched the build up play in several matches, it was very one dimensional play centered around the TM. I changed the role to DLF(s), which had the same style i was trying to play but with less emphasis on him which led to more varied attacks. I don't know if it was solely down to role change, but I was a lot happier with what i was seeing. Hope that's understandable, and good luck going forward with your game.
  7. I tried playing this way for a while on a previous version, and stumbled across this thread by @VinceLombardi, which blew my mind. A lot to read, but there's so much info on the way you want to play. I think it was written for an older version, but the ideas still apply. Enjoy! https://community.sigames.com/topic/american-football
  8. In my Rangers save I had never come up against a 3 striker formation until I faced A.C. Milan in the CL group stages. They came to Ibrox with a flat 3-4-3. Unbeaten and with excellent morale, I assumed I could play the way I normally would (having held, and beat, both Bayern and Real using the same formation and set up) I was absolutely ripped apart. 3-0 down in half an hour, and I couldn't see how to cope with their counter attacks. It took me til half time (after failed tactical alterations in the first half) to decide to play them at their own game. We eventually won that half 1-0. Still, that first half was the most frustrating half I've ever played. I've never resorted to using that formation again, due to preferring to play with my own style. But that 3 striker set up definitely causes a LOT of problems in my experience.
  9. This is my first full season in England, that's maybe why I never noticed. Was at Rangers previous to getting the City job in January, the previous deadline day being the 1st September in Scotland. If the other windows are still open I might still manage to offload Ilkay Gundogan...
  10. Cheers guys. I knew it had been discussed after the last summer window, but never realised it had actually been implemented.
  11. Morning all. Maybe already been discussed, but wondering if anyone else has experienced this? The usual 1st September Deadline Day has been moved to the day before the first game of the season in my 20/21 season. A much talked about subject recently, but one which should be, in my opinion, implemented in real life (unless I have missed something and it already has!).
  12. This This is pretty much my take on the last 2 or 3 editions of the game. Tactics to me are less important than they used to be, and more important is every other aspect of squad management. Tactically, simplicity is key in my eyes. I have a base tactic that is so simply made, with no specialist roles and only one or two TI/PI's, it's easy to see when things aren't working. Nine times out of ten, if I'm not happy with what i see in the first 15 minutes of a game, a simple TI/PI addition usually cures it. As @tacticsdude said previously, it doesn't always result in a win, but I always end the game happier knowing my team has played how I expect them to play. Having such a simply made tactic also allows it to be changed very easily just by changing players. Having two very different players for each role is a huge benefit. As for every other aspect, it's pretty much a balancing act. Making sure you have a happy squad, but keeping it competitive. Praising players, but not making them too big headed. Bollocking players, but not making them feel too down. Form and morale go hand in hand IMO.
  13. Ideally I have these players as well for the same purpose. This save however, I only seem to have fairly professional. Would this trait still be effective in your opinion @kandersson? Definitely harder to affect personality than PPM's in my experience.
  14. Ideal, thanks @Cougar2010. He's only turned 17, so still plenty of time to try and kick out bad habits!
  15. Thanks for the reply @kandersson. I've tried previously, not with unambitious but low determination I think it was, and didn't have any success. Would you go in straight away with a professional/resolute tutor? Or in stages, and start with someone more balanced and not too far away on the personality spectrum?
  16. Morning all. As per the title I've found a potential 5 star, yet unambitious newgen. Can this personality trait be improved through tutoring, or will it just cause fall outs between players with hugely differing personalities and determination attributes? Cheers in advance
  17. Evening all. Been a long time lurker/reader, but have never contributed anything. Played (not every, but most editions) since CM00/01. I like the way the game has evolved slightly every year. Much like real life football. The earlier editions were all about making a basic tactic, with a few arrows, and subsequently winning the Champions League with the likes of Queen of the South or the World Cup with San Marino. Very basic, a lot of fun. Then came the 'slider' editions which were completely 'elitist' in my opinion, and these editions resulted in downloading a Diablo or suchlike, to reach the same aim. Not at all basic (in tactical understanding terms) but fun in its own right. In my opinion, tactics haven't become 'elitist', they've just been made more realistic, but at the same time made over complicated by a lot of users. I myself tried to over complicate things by adding unnecessary TI/PI combos, without actually knowing why. But since around FM14/FM15, I began to visit these forums and read up, research and try to implement all these ideas into my own tactics, from the likes of @Cleon and @Rashidi to name a few. Most of these articles were helpful, but there was so much contradictive information out there it was hard to filter what was useful. I can't remember who it was, where i seen it, or what edition it was written for, but I read an article titled KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid), and my game playing became a lot more productive from employing that concept. Instead of TI/PI heavy tactics, it was to the comparison screen to see where the team strengths lay, stripping it bare, a few simple instructions to implement the style I required, and working from there. When I started my first FM18 save, my team were top for first touch and passing, pretty decent grafters, with good full backs and wingers; hence my basic 4231 wide to accommodate my best players. Fairly standard player roles, with TI play out of defence, and close down more. Only my GK has a PI of distribute to CBs. From there i watch the first 15 minutes to make sure my team are playing as expected, and aren't being exploited. If i see things I don't like, I adapt slightly making subtle changes. Conceding long balls over the top, then we drop slightly deeper etc. This is just my real life football knowledge/common sense taking over. I'm no tactical expert, and don't fully understand mentality/team shape so i keep it standard/flexible. Common sense also tells me not to have your whole team on attack mentality, or defence mentality for that matter, and that a balance needs to be struck. And much like real life, player management is the biggest change I've seen in recent editions. A happy camp is an easier camp to manage, and in my experience produces better results. Not to say the odd bollocking isn't required at times though! I'm not saying this is the approach to take, but it works fairly well for me. I enjoy the man management side of things (less so the never ending media demands!) and figuring out the subtle tweaks that can mean the difference between a loss or a draw. It all stems from a bit of common sense, a bit of general footballing knowledge and the phrase that rescued my FM playing experience 'Keep it Simple, Stupid'
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