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  1. Thanks for the reply, but I am still confused. So I got like an F for Loyalty coz the senior players are ambitious (is it bad ?), but on the Team report I got a thumb up for having "highly ambitious squad". And so too an F for Morale, but on the Team report also got a thumb up coz the "Morale is good amongst the players". Fs is too harsh imo. Is F better than A in the case of Morale and Loyalty ?
  2. I play with AC Milan. So in my first season, I sold Mattia Caldara plus 37M for Rennes's Eduardo Camavinga and Diego Laxalt for SK Rapid Vienna's Yusuf Demir. Now on my second season, just had curiosity just how those two players are doing. Well, I click on the club names from Camavinga's and Demir's player history, but couldn't find both. So I tried to search them in Player Search, I could find Laxalt but could not find Caldara. Laxalt is still a SK Rapid Vienna player, but not on their squad list. Is this a bug ?
  3. Just wondering what are those two values really ? On my second season with Milan, last season was on the 2nd place in Serie A, won the Europa League and the Coppa Italia. And this season already won the UEFA Super Cup, 2nd in the leagues, finished 1st in the group stage of Champions League, yet to play in the Coppa Italia and Supercoppa Italiana .. got A/B for Professionalism, Work Rate and Determination, but Fs for Morale and Loyalty. Individual players' morale are pretty high as pictured. The average squad age is 23.20.
  4. Is there any chance that in the future version we can see those three mentioned attributes on player profile ? I actually purchased the in-game editor in hopes so I can see those hidden attributes, which are not eventually. 😅
  5. Just did the report an issue in-game with the add saved games checked, when I click Send Report it opened my mail app, followed the instruction to add the link to this forum. So I did sent it, but when I checked the sent items, the mail doesn't have any attachment (the save file). Did I do it correctly ?
  6. Hi, passenger58, thanks for the reply. Yes, I believe I read your thread. Well, it's not really affecting the game. It's just kinda annoyance. Gigi Donnarumma played only one club though, in his youth and senior career. It's his brother, Antonio Donnarumma, who played for Juve Stabia in his youth. And yes, Antonio's favored club is listed as Juve Stabia.
  7. So, I just finished my first season with Milan. I just noticed that my two key players, Gianluigi Donnarumma's and Sandro Tonali's favored club has changed. It's really a big turnoff really, I'd like to make them my future captains. Below I attached pics before from my old save in icloud (season 2020/21) and after from my recent save (season 2021/22). It'd be a huge help if admin can fix my save file.
  8. The opponent's goalscorer was Georgios Stavropoulos, but on the match overview display that Alessio Romagnoli who scores it. Georgios Stavropoulos is temporary player if I check the squad list of OFI Crete. So it is too on my Europa League second match with Lech Poznan.
  9. To OP, I am just wondering is FM19 Mobile starting configuration uses database from FMdB ? And I am wondering if in winter update (I am playing AC Milan) if a player like Piatek get updated stats ? Because in the current FM19 Mobile version he's just another mediocre striker. Well, because certainly in the real world, he's suprising everybody.
  10. I just started out playing FM2109 mobile. Well, I've played FM mobile version since it was first released on iOS platform. I like how now I can ask the player to focus on certain roles and abilities, but here comes the but ... why would I want Mattia Caldara, a defender, to set him up to have a role as goalkeeper ? Is this a bug ?
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