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  1. Hey I installed a skin i found. now some things i cannot read. I tried changing colors; but it never changes what i want. Can someone tell me how the upper bar is called; so i can change font color or background color. Thanks
  2. Hello Don't know if this is an error or translation fault or just me not interpeting it correctly Did an offer on this player. The club accepts it. So i get the promises screen; but i can only abort talkings, not make promises. Above (in red) it says that the player is willing to listen to an offer but he thinks i cannot meet his demands financally. But if he is willing to listen should i not be able to at least make promise or offer contract?? grts
  3. Hey I was wondering what skins you guys use. Only found one so far that works on FMT. Grts
  4. jbjAgent


    hello I ve played games on high detail for matches. My pc is kinda old so sometimes this wasnt as flued as i would like. I changed it to medium then since grafics arent priority. But what i got was SOOO bad. See screens; is this the normal diffrence between high and medium settings. Game gives my pc the 5 stars for graphics
  5. Hey there I'm playing fmt 2019 on pc. I seem to miss some stats. When you go to a club - history - mangers i can see the previous managers. But i cannot see how many games they played - lost- drew. this was possible in previous versions, altough also a bug in 2018. is this a bug or is this just not there anymore? See screenshot:
  6. thanks for the answers. I'm playing with Monaco for the moment. Maybe i just overestimated the sqaud :-). I will tweak some more, but eventually i always come back to my favorite setup. always wanted my players to follow me :-). Not me following the players. normally with a compromise in the first season(s) this works. But sometimes out of the blue it all falls apart. Season is just underway and already 9 points down on PSG. hope i can still turn it arround. At least I hope the manner of losing will go back to normal :-).
  7. Hello Playing FM(t) For years and years now and for me it seems to get harder and harder. However last versions and now again in fmt 18 I have the same problem. For example this career. Started with a team became 3 times champion and other titles then i changed teams did well in the beginning. but now everything is bad. passes are still good as long is it save passes, otherwise straight into opponent feet. when there's a tackle ball is for the opponent, headers ball to the opponent,.... If I score most often a goal against whitin 5 minutes. often i go down 1 or 2 goals, change some tactics and come even or in front. When this happens i am 90% shure a goal will come in 85 min or later. Changing tactics, formations,... nothing helps. Sometimes it seems that everything is against my squad. This goes on for a few weeks/months and after that things seems to be normal. but this happens nearly every season. Theres a huge diffrence in losing in those weeks then when it feels normal for me. In those weeks losing and seeing what players on pitch do is so frustrating. Is this a normal thing or a game issue. Or have I just lost it :-). grts
  8. Hey. I saw it was automatically updated to 18.2.1. Played 1-2 months. 5-7 games. No problems yet. Seems to go flued also. Thanks for helping. Next time I'll try to be less frustrated and impatient. You are a all doing a great job. 👍🏻
  9. Any information on a possible fm touch solution? Thanks
  10. You can close this topic i am getting a lot faster answers and correct information in the football manager topic. Touch obviously comes in second position regarding a solution and topic activity. Greetings
  11. Ow yesterday it wasnt thanks dit letting me know. Just checked. No beta in touch.
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