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  1. Do you have a link for the latest version of 4420wings please
  2. Do you have any links to the training schedules you made that work ? Only the Pre-Season one downloads
  3. Got to say the Beowulf 4-2-3-1 tactic is the best i've used on FM19
  4. Does anyone have the link for the Volante 4222 formation ?? can only fine the Volante Anchor one
  5. Do you set your own assignments for you scouting team ? if so how & what do you set them for
  6. Can you change the mentality on this for away games ??
  7. How long would you recommend scouting a player for. Been doing mine until you get full knowledge but it takes forever
  8. How long do you recommend to scout a player for ? Been doing mine until they have full knowledge but it's taking forever
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