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  1. Hello everyone I been told that i should ask here, i have created my own team in editor 19 and i have a standard logo like the one club whitout licens by FM has, and i would like to change my standard logo to another standard logo NOT a custom logo and so on. Just a standard logo how do i do that. Thanks.
  2. phnompenhandy where is the room, i can´t find it ?
  3. Hello everyone I have created my own team in editor 19 and there is a basic logo for the club, but i would like to change it just whit another of the basic logos in the game. Have do i do that. Thanks.
  4. aerashop

    Manager profil

    Hi everybody I had think about this for some time now, i mean that it will be more personal if like when you start as a manager the game pick how many games you had played for your country and goals if the game random selects the clubs your where in, when you had you active player career, it is not a big thing i the gameplay, but it would make a big difference for ME and the game just random pick clubs i HOPE this is something FM and Sigames will consider to do and i hope there are others managers that would see this as a good thing, it would be nice to here from others managers about it. Best Regards Anders
  5. Okay so far am i, but is that all ? Can´t you go on with the trophies and titels with another manager to the game, every time you start from scratch, and it´s okay, but will like to have the option to not lose it, the only thing i see you can use it, is to play to games in one fil and it´s instead of have to log on and off between to games is that the mane reason ?
  6. Hello I have played FM some time now, but i don´t now what the feature add a manager in a game will do ? So can anyone tell me what it´s use for and what you can do whit it. (Can it takes over for the manager because age so you have ALL the titels or is it or what is the real use for this feature)
  7. Hi I have done that and i came past where i juse to crash and played one game so fair so good, and i can see you/the team has fix a fail in teamtalk there was a fail in when you talk to your players "let`s show them why they are nr x and we are nr x there was a fail i was number 1 and in the teamtalk was i number 3 or 5 and so on, a fail from i startet the game. But thumps up for now and thanks you/the team for fix the fail and i will right here if there comes any fail let`s hope there aren`t any. Just one thing now that i move on with the save game in the beta version shall i back or will you/the team do it so i not have to do anything and just playing, meen will the game just run as before the beta ? Thanks.
  8. Okay that`s fair but can i play the save game or will it be lost ?
  9. Sorry, it's simply not good enough, it takes so long to fix this fail in fm18 any update soon or can we not play it for another week or more ? I miss it so much please come with a reply on it Thanks
  10. Okay is there a soon update to fix the fail in fm18 ?
  11. Hi I am new in editor database and i don´t now how to get the editor i have done into a new game please help me here. Thanks
  12. There is and error everytime i try to upload a file... My save game opens with Acrobat reader i don`t now why maybe that`s why i can`t do it. It sucks that i can play the game and nothing works to yours FTP. But can you not use my crash dumps ? I will try to find a way to upload a file here.
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