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  1. thank you. i will give them a good read. thank you so very much.
  2. thank you for your message. what a minefield lol. i will give what you have writen some thought. on the off chance do you have any knowledge on sub divisions? i want to add a north sub division for northern english clubs and a south sub division for southern english clubs. how do i command the editor to sort clubs in the league above and below the south and north sub divisions to go into the correct sub division? also what do i write in the boundaries for south and north? is it clubs, location or stadium in the boundaries? thank you for your message.
  3. what are the step that need to be taken so you can set up a new nation? thank you.
  4. i want to design a north and south sub division that is set in england. the north and south sub division would be level 3 in the english fooball league pyramid. teams considered from southern england would be in the south sub div and teams considered northern would be placed in the north sub div. i dont know how to command the data editor to sort the league system so that at end of season teams get relegated or promoted into the right sub division. i dont understand what i need to write in the regional boundaries and also do i write to most northern location in the north boundaries or do i write most northern club or stadium. can i do it all from the basic rules or do i need to go into the advanced rules? lol so much i ont know.
  5. thank you for your reply. i wonder do ou know of a guide on here or anywhere i may find some info??all my searches have lead to a dead end.
  6. hello. please could i have a north and south sub division file so i can have a good look at how it all works so i can make future databases. it can even be a north south west and east or any other compo, i just need to learn how to do this lol. thank you. ps football manager 19.
  7. what are the steps that need to be taken to create a north and south sub division in england? any help wouldd be awesome. i dont have any clue as to what pages in the editor i need to go to and what info need to be type in to create the north south sub divisions thank you.
  8. Dear ppl of editors hideaway. What steps must i take to design a north and south sub divison? im having some trouble understanding the editor. i can make sub divisions no problem but to separate the teams and command the editor to divide the teams into north and south well that a skill i dont have lol. what pages do i need to go to and what info do i need to enter to make the English north and south sub division possible?? thank you
  9. determination is independent of the potential ability rating so you will not add points to your current ability rating by improving determination. im truely not sure what other stats are independent of the PA. i would also be interested to findout what stats are not affected by PA. Is the stamina, strength, leadership, bravery or anyother ratings independent of the PA?
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