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  1. Dont a board takeover from within happen?
  2. TGD

    Best debut ever

    Wow! What the guy name ... thats him made in football lol
  3. I played him behind the main striker (FC) position. He did wonders their but now age has hit him
  4. If your on laptop check your battery settings to see if it been put to power saver. if on pc then i dont know
  5. Oh right ... makes sense now lol
  6. Ronaldo one on ones ... 0/1? I thought he was a lethal finisher always dancing past the keeper even?
  7. I had a similar position. AC Milan manager, doing a good job and my favourite club Arsenal gave me a well lovely offer. But like you I rejected and stayed at AC Milan without saving. I respect you for doing that because in real life you wouldn't be able to go back in time! lol. Anyway at least you playing the game as a man!
  8. TGD

    Cheer up son!

    Damn he is one cocky boy lol
  9. TGD

    deep line or push up

    I play high line, Arsenal style football. The danger is at the end when I am winning 2-0 in say a European competition then concede a consolation away goal. Maybe then I should put my defence back but I feel like they would eventually score anyway
  10. Unlucky on the world cup final loss. Get your revenge in the Euro championship!
  11. TGD

    Tough Choice

    Personally, I think I will remain as AC Milan manager because Arsenal is the club I would like to see out my career with. I'm still yet to add French, and Spanish titles to my name and wouldn't want to leave Arsenal when I finally am their manager. Will save a backup of this though.
  12. TGD

    Tough Choice

    This is my hardest decision I have come up against. £82m to spend at Arsenal also and they have a good side unlike the AC Milan side I inherited. At the same time, I worked hard to end AC Milan 13 year wait for a league title and 14 for an italian cup lol. Grrr going to have to decide tonight lol
  13. I am currently AC Milan manager after nearly two seasons in charge. Just won the italian league and italian cup. Before AC Milan, I had won titles at Bayern Munich and Sporting Lisbon. Now Bayern Munich have won back to back champions league titles and I feel my AC Milan side are the team to stop their recent dominance. HOWEVER my board has been taken over by some US dude who wanted Onyewu in charge according to press and my team I support irl Arsenal is available after the legend Wenger retired and approached me. I have been like Jose Mourinho so far with stints of two seasons at clubs, my record is 3 at Bayern Munich and my plans were to stay at AC Milan for a considerable time. Should I carry on my good work at AC Milan or jump to Arsenal? I am 50 50 about this lol
  14. Personally I think you need to stay and win two more champions league titles then your job is finished. Winning 3 champions league titles would make you be remembered for decades lol
  15. I took over AC Milan half way in the 6th season on my game and the team was in a bad shape. 13th in the league and no champions league football this season and they even let Pato go to Juventus on a free transfer! In the end I managed to get them 6th which required a win streak towards the end. After spending in the January and summer transfer window, I believe I now have a squad capable of challenging at the top again. But I spent a total of £160m on 8 players. I tend to like the Wenger approach to management but I feel that you need a good base before you can invest for future. Anyway what is your approach when you take over a giant that is on its way down.?