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  1. Hello everyone, So my probleme is pretty clear i make a negotiate offer to players or to staff and when i finalize my offer it comes back to the wage asked by the person. So actually if a staff member wants 200k a year and a want to propose him 500k a year (to be sure that he will sign to my club) he will still accept the offer but when i finalize the offer he accepts the 200k offer (what he wanted and not what i offer) See the pictures for examples :
  2. Already try this one. Above a certain number of players in the research the pc bugs.. So yeah, idk it'll be a month sins the game was released. I'm really dissapointed this year..
  3. Unbelievable... Still nothing... We post with some friends on the french forums, the "tops" every year.. You know top 10 fastest players, top 10 finisher in the game etc.. This year i could not do it. And there is still no fix..
  4. It's a known issue. A big one but unfortunately todays patch didn't resolve the problem. We are still waiting for the fix.
  5. Is it a known issue? Is sigames working on it? I play fm since ages and it's the first time that the editor is so bugged!
  6. So first I have uninstalled the editor second i deleted all the files related to the editor. Even the hidden file (you can find it in yourusername/appdata/local/sports interactive). And finally i have installed back the editor and it's seems to be working, the players appears in the list.
  7. Hello everyone, It's the firstime that i have such an issue with an fm editor. As you can see when i search for a club I have all the details and a list. When i do the same with the players nothing appears altough the editor finds players. How can i fix this problem? Thanks in advance for your help.
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