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  1. Thanks for the reply @DazRTaylor, that's a bummer. So the main editor is what you would use before you start a new save? Can we not edit the competition/nation rules during the save?
  2. Does anyone know how I can turn off the work permit system, or edit the leagues in a way so they're not needed? I love finding young, talented players from Spain and Italy and I've just been promoted twice with Blackpool. Now, post-Brexit, I can't sign ANYONE from outside England. I'm not actually joking, even free transfers go to an appeal and out of 20+ contracts I've offered I'm simply unable to sign anyone I target. It's taken the fun out of the save for me and left me HAVING to shop in England for my players. I must have got one of the worst outcomes but please, is there anything I can do to rescue this save?
  3. After the update today I've booted up Steam, loaded FM and I'm unable to get past this: https://cl.ly/2H241A0D0t3M Anyone else having this issue? I've tried quitting out of Steam (also the latest version) 6/7 times with no luck. I was playing the game without any issues earlier today, before the patch was released.
  4. I've just updated to the latest patch via Steam and now I can't get onto the game. It stops at the FM logo and is unable to get past this point. Anyone else? What can I do?
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