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  1. Hi there - file is too big to upload on here, limit is 9 MB, unless you're halfway through the first season in game with one league loaded any save will be bigger than that. MLS on FM20 has a lot of problems anyway almost unplayable.
  2. So this is my first foray into the MLS - a league I have no understanding of and don't agree much with but I am trying to complete the Pentagon challenge (winning all 5 continental champions leagues) and just been offered an interview here. Never heard of this club before so it was a little surprising to see they expect, nay they 'require' me to win the MLS end of this season (they are 12th currently with 2/3rd of the season gone) and continue to win it for the next few years - they won the MLS cup (which is what they call the league title over there, I know) for the one and only time in 2015 and never really challenged for it outside of that. Unless 'winning the MLS' means something different in the US I would think this is a bug. Not even Real Madrid or Barcelona have it as a requirement to win La Liga. Thoughts?
  3. I have decided that FM20 is a write off and unsavable. FM21 will be purchased in March 2021 and after a minimum of 3 updates.
  4. Joan Jordan. midfielder from Sevilla that you probably never heard of, scores free kicks for me with Messi-like frequency. Free kicks around the box in general are being scored with a much higher frequency than you see IRL and generally by players that might score one a year IRL.
  5. Is this a joke? These are some of the greatest Spanish strikers of all time lmao
  6. I think OP is just upset he conceded that goal. I've had forwards score better goals than that against me with much worse attributes overall. Get over it. The game has its flaws but this isn't one of them.
  7. I have just had my 4th red card in 5 pre season friendlies in the US with Sevilla. At first I thought it was Mendy being Mendy (I just signed him on a free) but then my other left back got sent off the game after that and then my CM and finally my right back. Not all in the same game mind you but it is strange as they were all straight reds and I have only had one red card the whole of the previous season. Anyone had this before?
  8. Hi there, I looked for the mini career update forum but it says it longer exists on here and I am not someone who would be able to keep updating a story/career but I absolutely had to share this! I started the game third in the group and have already made my peace with going to the Europa League as is it's definitely more my level and was looking for a decent showing vs PSG as I have no idea how I wasn't humiliated in the first game, anyway, the game starts and they score in the first 5 minutes, so I think, here goes, this will be a long game, however, we stayed in it came back with a penalty that went to VAR, but they were the much better team and it was only a matter of time before they scored again, I mean look at their team! They added Salah and Pogba and acquired Icardi permanently, while my whole transfer budget is 3M and my annual wage budget is 3.5M (my best paid player is on £11K a week). Anyway, we grew more and more into the game before Bruno scored a worldie out of nowhere and at that point PSG started throwing everyone forward to ensure top spot but a counter attack lead again by the phenomenal Bruno produced a save that could only put the ball into the path of the onrushing 18 year-old academy graduate Nelio to score a late winner and knock PSG out of the champions league and get us top spot with more points than goals scored and a goal difference of 1. Safe to say this was one of my best results on this game considering the difference between the clubs (Maritimo would probably finish in the mid-table in the championship, maybe even bottom half) and the fact that it knocked PSG out of the CL at the group stage. Sorry if this was too long or in the wrong section - but I had to share this!
  9. Certainly not complaining here - more of trying to find a solution. I am 3rd in the league after 15 games despite being 10th in the salary per annum table and could probably be even closer to the top had my strikers been more productive.
  10. Thank you, Svenc! Interesting thing to note here is that this season most of my goals are coming from my wide players whereas last season it was the center forwards ( I took over a third of the way in as they were in 14th, predicted 8th, and I took them all the way to 4th and to the Europa League in addition to 2 cup finals, lost both resoundingly to Porto tho) but my center forwards were a big help with 20 goals from my main man and 13 from my young prospect. The only difference this season is that I brought in better players on the wings and that seems to be paying off, however, the strikers aren't contributing much now even though the team has improved significantly and I haven't really changed the way I play.
  11. Thanks everyone for your replies and I will try the suggested. Also, as requested I've uploaded the match in question. Casa Pia v CS Marítimo.pkm
  12. Hi there! I don't really post much unless I really have something bugging me and yes I have seen the amount of topics/reviews on the subject, it is very frustrating nonetheless and I had to say something to get out as it's making me consider going back to FM19 as I have never in my life seen this amount of consistently bad finishing from both my team and the opposition. One-on-ones on FM20 are the equivalent of hopeful 40-yearders in real life which makes absolutely no sense and I would really appreciate any help I could get to improve this. The screenshot is from a recent match against a 4th tier club in Portugal where I am managing Maritimo, granted not the best team with the best players but they should be able to finish off a team like this especially when we have had 24 shots on target with 7 clear cut chances + a penalty against a GK with 8 for dealing with one-on-ones and 9 for reflexes. Both goals were basically deflections. Also, worth mentioning I am currently on a run of 7 draws (1-1-/0-0) in a row in the league - just a fantastic exhibition of bad finishing from everyone - it feels like the game is broken or something. Again, any help would be appreciated!
  13. I wasn't sure where to post this but during various points of the season, my South African regen wonderkid, Manuel 'Juice' Jousse, appears to camouflage his appearance according to season is my best guess!
  14. Hi guys, I am seeking advice on this subject. I find it very difficult to move players for at least their value. I am trying to get rid of Tom Huddlestone from Derby as I got promoted and he had a good season but wants to move on ( IKR I just got promoted!!), anyway I already found a replacement and I'm happy to sell but no one wants to take him off my hands. He is valued around 4M and the only offer I have is about 2.3M. It's across the board too. Even when teams come in for my top players that I don't want to sell, they make offers that are half of my players value. Any help would be appreciated! AZ.
  15. I am using a small custom graphics pack. Will try to remove them and see how it would work out. Thanks!
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