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  1. Make an interim update released just after the window closes in January. Players in central Europe just want to restart with new/updated squads and I always spend amonth or 2 not playing the game every year at this point because I' m just waiting. Then do a further minor update in March for China etc. Instead of selecting 4 active leagues can we not choose just a pre-set of 1 full league maybe supplemented by 7 or 8 of the top divisions of top leagues - after England I always end up having difficulty choosing 3 from Spain, Italy, France and Germany. Would be nice to have top flights of Holland, Belgium and Portugal etc instead of lower divisions in Spain etc. An option to reset/recall all loans at the start of a new game. Then the option to add loans and future transfers in the editor. Team talk option - when my Chelsea side were losing 3-0 to WBA at half time I wanted to totally lay into them. Level out the issue where the same player will take 8k a week if I sign him in the championship but 75k if I sign him at a big team. The gap is too big. Expand the star rating system to 10 or 100 for greater differentiation between players. Also maybe use this as an overall rating allowing people who want a lighter experience to judge players this way. An optional unlock to remove players not wanting to sign for you. Additional options for set pieces, and the ability to see what foot they use, and assign them to whatever whilst working down rather than having to do all right corsners then all left etc. Squad numbers. Ability to review match text, I like it on fast to move through games but also want to to see occasionally text that I didn't quite catch. More coaches. In the ideal world you would employ one for each discipline rather than choosing just 4. More preseason games so you can try out other players, and not always against bigger teams - if I'm in the championship playing Liverpool, Man City and Spurs preseason isn't realistic or helpful. Most sides start against lower sides and work upto a big team as a showcase or do a small tour.
  2. Not a major thing as it doesn't really affect anything but I have a recurring oddity whereby my ridiculously long named Brazilian striker can pop up multiple times on the score sheet. If he gets his goals back to back it comes up as something like Long name 25, 32, 44, 60 (with the timing of the second and additional goals dropping down a line due to name length) But if the order is broken I can end up with Longname 25, 32 Other player 39 Longname 44, 60 Never had him score in a third broken sequence to see if it lists him again.
  3. Yes I'm on the latest update. File is 30mb so too big to send.
  4. Reached 22nd January 2025 and hit a problem. Offered a player on a free and have received a bid for him, regardless of whether I accept or reject it it just goes back to the mail screen as if I hadn't clicked either and won't let me move on. After making sure I had updated and restarted the game I reloaded and retried and the issue persisted. Tried releasing him to get round the problem and that let me move on, but the following day I got a bid on another player and it happened again.
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